Makeup brand accused of making model's hand look darker

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Becca Cosmetics is being accused of using blackface in foundation swatch images.

Users accused the brand of using the same model for all four swatch arms, which means that they believe one model’s skin tone may have been edited at least three times.

One keen-Twitter user called out the brand’s new ad for their ‘Skin Love’ Weightless Blur foundation, believing they had photoshopped the two darker skin tones.

“Did Becca Cosmetics really refuse to hire black women for these swatches,” Farah asked on Twitter.

People pointed out the palms of the two darker hands don’t look natural, with many taking to sharing images of their own palms to prove the point.

“Sometimes I wonder if these people have actually met a black or brown person in their lives,” Farrah followed up in another comment.

Most people’s palms are lighter, regardless of race, due to science – palms and soles have five layers of skin as opposed to the four on the rest of the body, due to their regular contact with objects, the Metro UK reports.

Becca Cosmetics has not yet commented on the accusation.

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