Make this year’s Santa photo a virtual one

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See how this Aussie brand is keeping this Christmas tradition alive!

Yearly Santa photos are the stuff of family Christmases across Australia. Lining up with your siblings and parents under a string of fairy lights, with Christmas music being piped through the shopping centre, getting louder and louder until you reach Santa himself.

Then, when you finally get to meet him, the moment is captured forever. Parents smiling widely, and children either wriggling, grimacing or beside themselves with excitement. Those photos turn into memories, and are poured over in years to come. They represent a moment in time; a snapshot of the clothes we wore, the hairstyles we sported and how cute the kids were. It doesn’t matter if someone isn’t smiling or looking their best; the photos are part of our family history. And one day our kids will do the same with their kids.

This year though, Santa photos will be limited. COVID-19 means there won’t be queues of excited children filling up shopping centres waiting to reach Santa’s grotto. Social distancing restrictions mean that even if photos are possible, we won’t be allowed to get close to Santa or squeeze a whole family into one photo.

But if you’re worried about a gap in your family albums, or know that grandparents will miss receiving their annual photo, there is still a way to keep the tradition alive. Officeworks are bringing Santa to you – wherever you are, so he can continue to bring a smile to the faces of families across Australia.

Through augmented reality, you can see Santa in your home, with the click of a button on your phone. The Officeworks AR Santa app allows you to move Santa around so he’s somewhere picturesque in your home. By the fireplace, creeping in the front door or next to the Christmas tree are all perfect locations for the man in red. Then, all you have to do is pose next to him and take the photo. No more wriggly children, bad expressions or closed eyes – if the picture isn’t good, you can simply reposition Santa and take another snap until you get the perfect festive scene. Once you’ve mastered it, you can get creative. How about Santa sneaking a mince pie, or filling up the children’s stockings? The possibilities are endless.

When you’re happy with the picture, it’s yours to share with friends and family, or simply keep for posterity on your camera roll. If you’re after physical evidence that the man in red visited you in your home, you can send the images straight to Officeworks to print out and collect at a time that suits you.

In a year that’s been anything but traditional, it’s the perfect way to make your yearly tradition come to life. Because we still need to make memories.

Make this year’s Santa photo a virtual one, thanks to Officeworks. Take your photo with Santa right now, and go instore to print a copy.

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