Major escalator fail causes huge pile-up

Kristine Tarbert
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We all know escalators can be scary – especially when you’ve had a couple of drinks too many.

But this video of concertgoers falling on an escalator and causing a major pile-up might be next-level chaos.

It all happened at country singer Kenny Chesney’s concert on Saturday.

Two women can be seen lying on the travelling escalator, but as they approach the bottom they are unable to get up causing all those behind them to fall as well.

Two women fell over and were on the ground the whole way. Photo: Facebook/Nick Rothaar

The chaotic footage was posted to Facebook by Nick Rothaar, who was caught up in the jam.

He said one lady fell over and was on the ground the whole way.

“Girl behind me fell backwards. [She was] drunk. She was by herself, I think, the whole way up,” he told CBS Pittsburgh. “Once she hit the top, everyone just fell on top of her. It just escalated from there.

“Some people did have scrapes on their legs, and I think one person went to the hospital,” he said.

The video has since gone viral and had almost 400,000 views.

Yes please keep drinking ppl .. stay classy man,” was one person’s comment.

“This is why I don’t do escalators! I’m officially not doing up escalators anymore after seeing this,” another said.

The video has had almost 400k views. Photo: Facebook/Nick Rothaar

Many however slammed those who didn’t help the women get up.

“Regardless of who’s drunk or not the people running off need to turn around and help the people being crushed,” one person wrote.

According to organisers at Heinz Field, there were no reports of any injuries and no report of anyone being taken to the hospital as a result of the incident.

However the Pittsburgh Public Safety report about the concert said “1 person transported to Mercy/multiple people fell on top of each other down the escalator”, reported CBS Pittsburgh.

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