Magda Szubanski's emotional response to swimsuit photos

Anita Lyons
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Magda Szubanski has revealed the emotional turmoil she went through after photos of her at the beach in a swimsuit were released in 2011.

In a candid chat with Andrew Denton on Tuesday night’s episode of Interview, the 57-year-old criticised the magazines that published them.

Magda Szubanski breaks down over swimsuit photos that made her ‘want to cry’ on Andrew Denton’s Interview. Source: Channel 7

While initially feeling like she “wanted to cry”, Magda decided to take a different approach.

“F**k them! I’m going to go down there with my fat body amongst all the models and just be fat on Bondi Beach,” she said. “And they can go get stuffed!”

“You know, [they treat you] as if it’s a crime to subject people to your fat body on the beach!”

Magda was put on the cover of several magazines in bathers in 2011. Source: Woman’s Day.

The actress, who has had incredible success no matter her size, became an ambassador for Aussie weight-loss company Jenny Craig and subsequently lost a whopping 40kg.

While this incredible feat was praised in the media, Magda herself felt very conflicted.

“It does become your second skin. It’s something that you’re very used to and when I lost all the weight on Jenny Craig, it was quite a weird feeling, actually,” she said.

When Magda lost 40kg with Jenny Craig, she felt conflicted about the weight loss. Source: Getty
Magda simply couldn’t recognise herself anymore. Source: Getty

“People don’t think that, they think ‘oh, you lose weight and everything’s going to be great.”

For Magda, she simply didn’t recognise herself anymore.

“That is a really strange feeling, to look in the mirror and not see yourself, you know?” she said,
“To not have this body felt odd.”

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