'I have a family to provide for': MAFS star's desperate plea for work

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Former Married at First Sight star Craig Keller has issued a desperate bid to find work so he can provide for his family.

Craig made headlines in 2016 when he married Nicole Heir on season three of the reality show, with their relationship ending badly.

However, fast-forward two years and the former Navy engineer of six years is now ‘swallowing his pride’ after losing his job due to workload decreasing.

Craig made headlines in 2016 when he married Nicole Heir on season three of the reality show, with their relationship ending badly. Photo: Channel Nine

“I was working for a really great company. Unfortunately I injured my hand at work which required surgery,” Craig told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“During the time off while recovering I had a call from the company and they said that unfortunately the workload had decreased and there was no longer a position available for me.

“They gave me a really glowing reference which was a plus but it was just super disappointing to receive that call especially while I was still hurt and recovering.”

Craig, who is a ‘fully qualified mechanical fitter/fitter and turner’ is set to welcome his first baby with his fiancée, Katie Martin, in two months.

He said he’s worried he won’t be able to find work and support his family.

“I do have a little bit of savings but they get spent very quickly when there is no income coming in and I have a family to provide for,” Craig said.

The ex-serviceman said being on TV ‘has definitely made it harder’ for him to find work.

“The lady that I was matched up with on the show ended up saying some really nasty things about me which were completely untrue,” Craig said, referring to his ex-wife, Nicole.

“Companies then have read these articles and have definitely hindered my chances of jobs.”

Craig was out of work for a couple of months when he left the Australian Defence Force, and claims it was one of the hardest times of his life.

“Bills were adding up and I had no sign of recovery in sight,” he said.

“I went from odd job to odd job I even went and hung signs at the Brisbane exhibition to make ends meet.

“I got a full time job a month before doing the TV show and because of filming and things I ended up having to leave that job.”

When the show finished, Craig switched career paths and became a youth worker. But he quit two years later as it ‘became mentally too draining’ for him and his family.

He then went back to the metal work industry and believes unemployment amongst ex-servicemen is ‘a major issue that we face’.

“I have so many ex Navy friends that are all in the same boat,” he said.

“It’s honestly one of the hardest things to do getting out of the military, trying to adjust to civilian life and figure out how it all works in the real world.

“I can honestly say I loved my time in the Navy but getting out and finding something stable has almost been as hard as the challenges I faced while being deployed.”

Craig went on to say that ‘it was extremely hard and embarrassing’ for him to ask for help online but he would ‘rather be proactive and wear the shame or embarrassment and get somewhere’ rather than say nothing and feel sorry for himself. 

“I think every man finds it hard to ask for help whether they are to proud or whatever the case may be,” he said.

“I just don’t want to be the kind of person that sits around waiting for something to come my way.”

He said the responses to his post have been ‘ok’ and people are leading him in the right direction to find work.

Craig’s plea comes just three months after he took to Instagram to reveal that he and his partner, Katie Martin, are set to welcome their first child together.

Katie, who already has two children from a previous relationship, is Craig’s childhood sweetheart and the pair argot engaged last year.

“It is with uncontainable excitement that my beautiful fiancé @katmart.0.0.7 and I would like to announce there is a baby Keller on the way. We could not be more excited to share the news with everyone,” Craig wrote.

Meanwhile, Craig’s ex-wife, Nicole, is currently in Berlin and posed with the Berlin Wall alongside the caption: “Wish some of my relationships were as strong as this wall”.

In March 2017, Nicole made explosive claims about her former husband, telling news.com.au she felt ‘unsafe’ around him and that he had been ‘abusive’ towards producers.

Craig snapped back at his ex-wife, rubbishing her claims in an interview with Now To Love.

“It’s all rubbish. It honestly is emotionally draining. I went on the show for the right reasons, I went on there looking for love,” he said.

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