MAFS star Mike says he's the nice guy that always finishes last

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Mike says women say one thing, and mean another Photo: Nine

You know that guy you know who loves to talk about how ‘nice guys finish last’, and he’s always getting stuck in the ‘friendzone’?

Yeah, so if his bio is anything to go by, MAFS’ groom Mike is apparently that guy.

A squizz at his original profile sheds some serious light on how the outspoken groom sees himself, and it might be more of an abstract portrait than a true to life.

According to Mike, women lie about what they want and just don’t appreciate his super sensitive side.

The MAFS groom has said it’s his ‘sensitivity’ that’s behind his single life Photo: Nine

If there was one word we could use to describe Mike on this season, I think we can all agree ‘sensitive’ isn’t exactly our first pick.

According to the bio, Mike is a multi-lingual, world-traveller looking for a soul mate to settle down with after spending time ‘living his best life’.

It also reveals that in Mike’s world, women are the problem.

The bio reads: “Mike believes the reason he is still single is that he’s too deep thinking and sensitive.”

“Women say they want that, but in fact they don’t.”

Ah women, so annoying and unappreciative of displays of sensitivity.

Like when he made fun of Jess’ trout pout, and other contestants called him out. Like, they don’t even appreciate it.

Please, tell us more. Photo: Nine

That’s not Mike’s only mention of his difficulty navigating the world of women. He says women are scared off by his winning qualities.

He says he wants a woman “who appreciates his sensitive side and embraces his vulnerabilities, rather than running from them as others have in the past”.

This is probably why he so vulnerably admitted that he was prepared to make Jess feel uncomfortable at the infamous dinner party to teach her a lesson.

But don’t worry, he explained to Jess that him ‘humiliating’ her was for her own good: “Sometimes it’s those more humiliating moments that you really do learn from”.

Woah Mike, you said it yourself. Stop being so vulnerable and sensitive! Women say they want that but they don’t!

The ‘philosophical electrician’ also describes himself as ‘sincere, complicated and inquisitive’, and adds: “It seems these qualities are not appreciated on the dating scene”.

I mean it has to be said he is brutally honest, but read as a whole Mike’s bio says one thing loud and clear: I’m single and it’s not my fault, it’s just that women don’t appreciate me.

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It’s a tone we’ve heard before when issues have cropped up between the electrician and his on-screen bride Heidi.

When he spoke about the relationship potentially ending earlier in the month he told 9Now: “I felt as though no matter what I’d done or who I was or what I’d said, no man stood a chance.”

If not even super sensitive Mike could win her over, then heaven help any normal man from having a crack.

Let’s hope his rumoured new flame is the “non-judgmental woman who appreciates his sensitive side” he’s looking for.

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