MAFS star divides opinion with controversial Woolworths video: 'Cringe'

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Married At First Sight star Cam Merchant has divided his followers on social media after sharing a video where he displayed a ‘random act of kindness’ to a stranger.

In the clip, the former cricketer approached a random shopper in Woolworths and offered to pay for her groceries, which she accepted.

MAFS’ Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson.
MAFS’ Cam Merchant has divided opinions after sharing a video where he displayed a ‘random act of kindness’ to a stranger. Photo: Instagram/cammerchant

However, a number of people have accused the reality TV star of doing it just for Instagram likes and questioned why he had to post about it online.

“Why film this? Then it's not genuine is it? It's all for views! These videos make me cringe. If you want to be kind do it but please put the video down,” one person commented.


“Nice but why record it for likes. Just do it,” another agreed, while a third said, “Filming people without consent so you can get likes is one of the grossest social media trends”.

“Why is it people can’t do nice things without it being set up and being filmed?” a different user asked.

“You are so generous to do this for strangers but it would be better to do it to make a stranger’s day without filming it, it’s a bit cringeworthy,” someone else remarked.

MAFS’ Cam Merchant in the grocery story.
Some followers questioned why he had to film the ‘random act of kindness’. Photos: Instagram/cammerchant

‘What a legend’

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who applauded Cam’s good deed, adding that the video made their day and brought tears to their eyes.

“Loving your work brother,” MAFSAl Perkins replied, while The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson wrote, “The world needs more people like you mate. Great work, keep doing what you’re doing”.

“What a legend. Kindness is everything,” a fan said, followed by another who added, “I didn’t think it was possible to love you more after your series but you just keep blowing me away”.

Cam’s MAFS co-star Dino Hira also left a comment responding directly to people who expressed doubts over how genuine the video is.

"I know some will say this is for views and why film this but those who do say this have probably never met Cam in real life,” he said.

“I know for a fact Cam would do an act of kindness for the genuine reason of helping another person and the true essence of kindness. If you have met Cam you know he is a beautiful soul that goes out of his way to help another. This is helpful, inspirational and please do more Cam. The world needs it!”

‘I felt dehumanised’

Cam’s video comes shortly after Australian TikTok creator Harrison Pawluk, who has become well known for posting ‘random act of kindness’ videos online, sparked backlash when he gifted a bouquet of flowers to a random woman sitting alone in a shopping centre.

The woman in the video, Marie, has since told ABC Radio that she is “offended” for being painted as a sad “old woman” and said she didn’t consent to be filmed.

“I feel like clickbait,” she said. “It feels it was just a bit of a joke to me. I felt dehumanised.”

Harrison appeared on The Project on Sunday night and apologised to Marie, but insisted that he was just trying to inspire people towards generosity.

“I know my true intentions and I know that if I can inspire even one per cent of the people that watch my content to go out there and do something good, I have done something that I believe is good for the world,” he said.

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