MAFS’ Selina Chhaur gets ready for her first Logies red carpet

Married At First Sight’s Selina Chhaur got ready for the TV WEEK Logie Awards at The Star Gold Coast and let Yahoo Lifestyle film the process. Selina opened up about her incredible self-love journey and more.

Video transcript

SELINA CHHAUR: Hi, guys. It's Selina. It's my first Logies. I'm so excited. Come get ready with me.

It was such a process getting ready for this. I mean, like facials, shave my legs, even shaved my face for today. So, we're going to start off with my hair. So, I'm a hairdresser, and I'm doing my own hair tonight because I've got major trust issues with that.

And yeah, I'm excited. So, yeah, I was really lucky. I knew what I wanted to do from a really young age. I think it's U10 that we do work experience. And there was this iconic ad on TV by Hair Machine.

And they have the-- oh, just the most coolest haircuts. And I remember, mom used to always take me to the salon with her. And I used to sit there for hours. And the hairdressers were so cool and so like-- just such a vibe. And I was like, you know what, I think I want to be that one day.

But I followed my passion. And I make people beautiful all day every day. And it sparks joy in my life. Marie Kondo.

I love it. And I've been doing it for 17 years with like no regrets. And I'm so happy.

I've always done hair backstage for runway shows, photoshoots, and like Sydney Fashion Week and stuff. I think that's why it's such a big Cinderella moment for me. Because I'm actually so introverted and usually backstage girl hiding with my lanyard somewhere.

And now it's weird being on the other end where like people are taking photos of me and people asking me for photos. So, it's so-- it's surreal. I think I'm more excited than anything else like if people come up to me and they're like oh my God, it's you. I'm like oh my God, it's you. Let's be best friends.

I just had a lot of therapy after MAFS. And I obviously realized that I was holding onto a lot of things from my childhood. As you all know, I got bullied quite a bit when I was younger because I was different. And bullying doesn't mean, people yell at you or push you around, physical stuff.

Bullying can actually just be like blatantly leaving someone out and making them feel excluded because they're different. And that's what I experienced a lot as a child. And yeah, obviously, I must have been holding onto that pain and that trauma since then, which I didn't know about until going on MAFS.

Obviously what happened and what was said was-- ick-- it can't date. Like that was just next level. And obviously, if I had healed that trauma as a child, I wouldn't have probably reacted as I did when that happened. And yeah, when I-- after MAFS, I went home, did a lot of reflecting.

And I was like, you know what? I'm going to embrace my natural look. I love being Asian. And I love my culture.

And I'm proud. So, I want to represent. But whenever I went out, I felt-- I don't know. There's this little pressure on myself that I had to put my contacts in, my blue contacts, to feel confident and beautiful. Like that was really sad.

I've blonde for literally I reckon over a decade or a decade at least.

- Wow.

SELINA CHHAUR: Close to, anyway. So, this was a big deal for me.

I thought having blonde hair and blue eyes was attractive. And that I only felt beautiful when I had my blue contacts in and when I had my freshly done blonde hair. It's just been so empowering and liberating to go back to my natural roots.

And yeah, I'm loving it. BRB. Being at the Logies now is so surreal. I never in a million years thought that this would ever happen to me. Like it's actually such a Cinderella moment.

I'm not going to lie. I'm feeling a dash bit of nerves. But overall, really excited. I just feel so empowered with my new look.

Well, it's not really new. It's just embracing myself and another layer to my self-love journey. And it's just been incredible. And yeah, I'm just so blessed and grateful to be here.