MAFS' Samuel Levi opens up about hair transplant surgery

The former Married At First Sight star underwent hair transplant surgery in Sydney last month.

Video transcript

SAMUEL LEVI: My name is Samuel Levi. And a lot of you might know me from a TV show that is very familiar here in Australia-- "Married at First Sight." When I first noticed myself losing hair, I lost basically a lot of confidence. I kind of was very insecure. I feel like it's kind of a taboo subject and I don't know why. I think a lot of males do go through what I'm going through, whether it be hair loss.

If they didn't hear or just even just things like them being uncomfortable with the hairline and wanting to bring it forward. So I think with me, I really wanted to just do it, get it over, and done with. Being so open about it, and talk about it, and try and normalize that for more men in Australia and worldwide, and whoever is going to see this because I think both men and women, we all need to feel confident.