MAFS' Nasser's bizarre rant after being kicked out of Fashion Week

MAFS' Nasser's bizarre rant after being kicked out of Fashion Week.

Video transcript

- Nasser, I hear you've been banned from Fashion Week.

- I got here, right? Went straight to the VIP line. This guy comes up to me and says, mate, you're not supposed to be here. You're being told not to be here, right? Said go away. I said, excuse me? I'm supposed to be here. I'm Australia's favorite celebrity.

You know, obviously, you haven't been briefed on who I am. In the meanwhile, all the photographers were taking photos of me. And that sort of took away from the models and everyone here.

- So you think you're the most famous person at Fashion Week.

- Without fashion-- without me, Fashion Week shouldn't even happen. I'm telling you. I'm Mr. Fashion. You don't become Australia's favorite celebrity for nothing, right?

- But how can you be Mr. Fashion if you've been banned from Fashion Week?

- Well, I mean, you know-- well, I mean, I do dress nicely. I must admit I do dress nicely. But they're just jealous because my fashion is completely different than theirs.

- What do you think of the fashion here, then?

- Oh, the fashion, half of these shows looks like they found their stuff in the bloody bin that you see on the streets, you know, At least I go and look at what I'm buying and look at, you know, beautiful shops and wear nice clothes. Some of these people. I mean, really, you call that fashion? Come on.

- So who are you wearing?

- I'm wearing Marks pants at the moment, Kmart top, right? And something-- American Apparel, American Apparel jacket. But let me say this to you. All this is from the Wayside Chapel, the [INAUDIBLE] shop.

- Oh, sustainable.

- Sustainable, exactly. That's it. That's what I'm wearing. Oh, and I'm wearing Puma, Puma.

- Puma trainers.

- Yeah, Puma trainers, all from the Wayside Chapel.

- It's just a shame you're not allowed in to show people your outfit.

- I know. That's why I'm upset. I'm going home now. I've had enough today. I've had enough. I've been really upset about the whole thing. The whole thing is like-- like, it's just gone to my head. I'm very, very upset about it.