MAFS' Nasser defends Olivia against the trolls: 'Leave her alone'

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle at Australian Fashion Week, former MAFS contestant Nasser Sultan defended Olivia Frazer against the trolls, telling them to 'leave her alone'. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

NASSER SULTAN: Honestly, I want the whole world-- and Australia, England, and everybody-- to give this girl a break. Because I love this girl, and she's true. And she's honest, and I'm not joking. And you know I make comments on other people, right? And I bag them and that. But this girl here, my heart goes to this girl. And I'll always support her. And that's the damn truth.

Olivia will always be classic, and will always be true. And from the bottom of my heart, I hope they will stay together. And I will make sure they do. Otherwise, I'll just get--

OLIVIA FRAZER: Ring's still on, guys. Ring's still on.

NASSER SULTAN: I will get the wogs to come and sort something out, right? But honest to God, if you can put that in. This girl, I want just people to leave her alone. You don't know her. You've never met her. You don't talk to her. Just leave her alone, and let her live her life.

OLIVIA FRAZER: Thank you, Nasser.

- I can imagine it's just amazing having your Instagram back as well. Like, you've been clapping back on your story. You've been handling it so well.

NASSER SULTAN: Absolutely.

OLIVIA FRAZER: Oh my god. It's amazing. Just like, being able to get my actual personality and my actual beliefs out there just means everything. And I've had such-- I've had a lot of negative feedback. But I've probably had equally amount as positive feedback. And people changing their minds about me? That's the biggest thing.

It's just like, I don't care what you saw on the show. I don't care what your opinions are on the show. Because to me that's a character. It's not what I said in context. It's not what I did in context. It's what the producers want you to see. And now, there's no filter between the viewers and myself. Yeah, it's just me on my Instagram. And the only divide is the Internet. It's not this crazy, filtered, edited TV show. It's genuinely me.

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