MAFS star Michael blasts Mike on radio

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Michael has spoken out Photo: Channel Nine

Just when you thought you were caught up on this week’s MAFS drama, new tea has been spilt and it is piping hot.

He might be copping backlash for not speaking up about Jess and Dan’s affair, but Michael says the real villain we should be keeping an eye on is Heidi’s husband Mike.

Michael has lashed out at Mike after the ugly showdown between him and Jessika on Tuesday night, telling Nova100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, the 44-year-old has ‘all the gear and no idea’.

No amount of wine could cushion Mike’s harsh words to Jess Photo: Channel Nine

The blow-up came after Mike’s comments to Jess – including commenting on her ‘trout mouth’ – prompted her to swap seats, ending up next to her illicit lover Dan.

Mike wasn’t going to let this go unchecked, and when Jess confronted him about his loud comments he responded in a brutal way.

“You wouldn’t understand what we’re talking about. It’s philosophy,” he said before adding the 20-something had to ‘learn the power of words’.

We won’t mention Mike’s liberal use of the not-a-word ‘generalities’ moments before.

Mike says Jess has to learn the power of words like ‘generalities’ photo: Channel Nine

It was ugly, and even the experts pointed out Mike was being ‘condescending’.

According to Michael, this is just part of who Mike is.

“Mike needs to be the centre and everything Mike says has to be right and everyone has to believe it and Mike will never ever change his mind,” the 27-year-old said this morning.

He added that though Mike is quick to dish out the relationship advice, his own ‘marriage’ to Heidi isn’t exactly flourishing.

Michael says Mike should focus on his relationship with Heidi who isn’t impressed Photo: Channel Nine

“He is completely ignoring her and trying to dish out relationship advice when his own background is really messy,” he said.

“He needs to figure that out before he starts dishing out advice for other people.”

Michael clearly didn’t mince his words, summing up Mike’s situation, saying: “There is a reason he is 44 and still single”.

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