MAFS' Melissa Rawson tears up over 'dire' sleep deprivation: 'I am struggling'

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Married At First Sight’s Melissa Rawson has opened up in a raw Instagram video about the struggles of parenthood.

Melissa, who welcomed Levi and Tate with her partner Bryce Ruthven nearly 12 weeks ago, gushed over her adorable twin boys at the start of the video, calling herself “lucky” and letting fans know that the twins are developing their own personalities.

Melissa Rawson crying in an Instagram video
Melissa Rawson has teared up talking about sleep deprivation. Photo: Instagram/Liss Rawson

However, when it came to talking about their sleep situation, Melissa called it “dire” and “torture”, saying she is struggling and doesn’t know how she would do it all without her support network.

“The sleep deprivation is just next level. You are told by everyone ‘enjoy your sleep now and you’re not going to get any sleep when the twins arrive’ and yes, that’s very true, and yes I was aware of that but, if you’re a mum-to-be or planning to have a baby, this should never change your decision about it but it’s just factoring in and you just won’t be able to comprehend the sleep issue.”

“All I can recommend is having a support network. I know that’s not possible for everybody but having people in your life that can be there. I’m very lucky because I have my parents and my sister. I have amazing friends, friends who don’t even have kids that are willing to drop everything to watch our babies and let us sleep for even an hour or two.”


Melissa and Bryce with their twins Levi and Tate
Melissa and Bryce welcomed Levi and Tate into the world nearly 12 weeks ago. Photo: Instagram/Liss Rawson

She also said they’ve got Bryce’s parents to help out in her support network, who she can call up at any time so she can get some sleep.

Melissa went on to describe the last few nights with the boys as “pretty catastrophic”, saying she’s had maybe an hour of broken sleep as the boys alternate between who is harder to settle.

Melissa, Bryce, Levi, Tate and their dog
The couple brought their twins home just beofre Christmas. Photo: Instagram/Liss Rawson

“You look at the clock and it’s 3:30am in the morning, you haven’t slept at all. The baby’s crying and you just sit there almost rocking backwards and forwards going ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this or I don’t know how much longer I can take’. But we do it because we love them and they are the best thing to have ever happened to us and we know that this is just a phase.”

Melissa said due a thyroid condition she is used to getting eight to ten hours of sleep a night, saying: “It’s almost like I’ve lost that part of my life, where something as simple as having a good sleep, something as simple as brushing my hair, having a shower before 4pm, all of that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Melissa Rawson holding her twins in hospital
The twins spent nearly 10 weeks in the NICU. Photo: Instagram/Liss Rawson

In the caption for the video, Melissa said that “not every day is a good day in parenthood or life in general. No matter how many happy posts, stories, reels, partnerships that you may see, we tend to only post the good or glamourous.”

“So I’m posting this because I know I’m not alone and there are others out there that can relate to my experience and could potentially give advice and a kind word to someone reading the comments here… to know they’re not alone.

“I’m putting my hand up to say I am struggling and that parenthood is tough. Sleep deprivation is torture. But having babies you love with all your heart, a good partner/people in your close circle, a GP to discuss a plan and great followers and online support, I know what I’m feeling is only temporary.”

Melissa and Bryce welcomed their twins into the world 10 weeks earlier than expected in October and finally brought them home from hospital just before Christmas.

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