MAFS’ Kate reveals what she really thought about her ‘edit’

Married At First Sight Australia's Kate reveals what she really thought about her ‘edit’. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

- I just think the main thing with my edit was they did make me out to be somebody that was incapable of a conversation and somebody-- and I guess in a way because I had-- I went into the show seriously as someone who was about to turn 40 going, this is my last chance at kids. This is my last chance at marriage. This is my last chance.

And so when I got down the end of the aisle and that was like I didn't feel anything, it was like I was going in my head, oh no. This hasn't worked out. Oh no. The one chance I thought I had, it has not worked out. And I kind of I guess from there was a little bit withdrawn. But at the same time, so I think maybe they played on that a little bit where they're like, oh, we're seeing little bits where she's not talking, or a bit dismissive.

So we're going to give that her as a full character. Whereas that's not who I am as a full person. You know what I mean? That's little snippets of maybe what they caught. So yeah, I always tried to be really respectful towards Matt. I tried to build a friendship with him. And I did try to actually feel it, whether it showed or not. But I put my-- I didn't just cut off at the wedding.

I was like, maybe I will at this guy. Maybe I should try kissing him. I did think about it. Whereas I felt like it just showed like, yeah, she kind of dismissed him right from the start and didn't give him a go, whereas I didn't. I tried. I tried to feel it. I really did. But I just didn't get there.

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