MAFS’ Kate reveals the ‘emotional breakdowns’ that weren’t shown on TV

MAFS’ Kate reveals the ‘emotional breakdowns’ that weren’t shown on TV. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

Video transcript

KATE: I had a few emotional breakdowns that I was surprised didn't make it. There was one. So, I mean, I suppose like I had one the morning after the wedding, where it just all hit me. Because you're auditioning for months at a time. You're getting all these high hopes. And then you have the wedding.

And then you expect like I expected it to just be fireworks and just the dream. And we're going to go off skipping into the sunset. And when that didn't happen, I kind of woke up the morning of the wedding. And I was like I literally went to the bathroom. And I just cried. Like I just cried and cried and cried.

Because I was like, oh, no. It hasn't worked out. And it wasn't like I was writing Matt off. But because I wasn't feeling it, like I was just like so, yeah, what you don't see is I had to pull myself together and go, you know what? This guy's auditioned. He's gone through the same process as me. I've got to give this a go not only for myself, but for him because he has put himself in this position just like I have.

So I was like, I'm going to go forward with this. And so I have to pull myself out of that. And then I go on the honeymoon. And we did have a good time on the honeymoon, despite what was shown also. It looked like the most awkward thing ever.

But, yeah, it's a matter of like you're warming to this person. Like you've just met this person. You know what I mean? So and then you've got all these cameras on you.

I did have another moment at the commitment ceremony, where I guess by what the experts were saying, I was kind of gathering uh-oh, they're not on my side because they was saying I was a bit nasty towards Matt. And it kind of clicked in my brain. Oh, no. Like they're not on my side. Uh-oh.

So I guess I kind of was like-- I don't know. I just it's in my brain I felt like I just had a complete breakdown. And I just walked out of the commitment ceremony like actually inconsolable. Like I was literally like, get me out of here. I don't want to be here anymore.

This is going to rule my life, type thing. Like I was, yeah, I was at the point where I just wanted to leave because I had tried all I could. Yet, I had the expert saying to me, you know-- I almost felt like they were saying, you have to like this guy. You have to like this guy. And I think the pressure of everyone telling me to like someone that I just wasn't feeling for just got too much. Like it got too much.

I was surprised that wasn't shown actually because that was a huge moment for me. Because, yeah, again, when you have a breakdown and you want to leave, and then I had to go on the retreat. So again, people aren't seeing that I actually did have to pick myself up from rock bottom to keep going and keep trying.

And at one point, people like, oh, this girl is putting in no effort. She was not trying. But I was because I was actually having a point where I wanted to leave. But I kept going because I didn't want to give up. I wanted to give it like 100% before I was like, all right, I'm out of here type thing.

So yeah, so Dom actually came after me. And she was literally like, you can do this. You can go on. Go back in there. You know? And yeah, I woke up the next day. And I was ready to go. I'll be honest.

I was like, uh-uh. I can't do this anymore. But I didn't. But I stayed because we were going on the retreat. And Matt wanted to go. He said, you know, let's keep going. So yeah, so that was another thing that was sort of left out. But just, I think, the little things like where Matt and I were actually getting along and having like laughing together, like none of that was really shown.

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