MAFS’ Jessika Power shares her advice for the 2023 cast

Married At First Sight season six star Jessika Power sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack season 10.

Video transcript

JESSIKA POWER: --accountable for everything you've done. Like, if you're doing interviews, radio, whatever, make sure that you own up to your actions. Don't try and downplay it. Or don't try and be blasé, or pass it off.

And just push things. You know, I think I was always on my social media stories, on my Instagram stories, just talking so people can see your true self because-- as we know-- all these reality shows are heavily edited. But it gives people a chance to follow you, and then to see, actually, what you're like.

And, yeah. Just go with the flow with the ride because it's a freaking long one.

I don't know. Actually, like, the advice I'd give people, if they asked me-- if they were going to go on a show-- is just have no skeletons. Or be prepared to have people sell you out. Be prepared to have to, like, back yourself because it's just what happens once you've gone on a show. A lot of people are looking for a quick payout. Or people that didn't like you in your past are looking to just sort of make you look stupider than what you've already made yourself look like on TV.

Yeah, it's horrible. Like I've had to cut my circle down to, like, a really minimal amount. My mother sold stories on me. I've had, like, really close best friends sell stories of me. And I know it's-- and it would say a source, but-- word for word-- I know it's that I've only told that one person. And then they'll still be messaging me, going like, how are you going, babe?

And you have to really just know your circle and know who you can trust because-- Yeah. I don't know what they get out of it because, I mean, I could never do that. Like, I know secrets about people on TV-- that have been on TV. I've got inboxes and stuff that I could share. But I would just never do it because it's a horrible thing to do.