MAFS' Jessika Power reveals hidden detail in show's dinner parties

Married At First Sight's Jessika Power sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the show and the new season.

Video transcript

JESSIKA POWER: You would be surprised at how many times, like, each of us would get sent home after a dinner party because we've had one too many drinks. And we'd have to come back the next day, before the commitment ceremony, with two outfits, the outfit that we wore the night before, at the dinner party-- same hair, same earrings, same makeup, same dress, same heels, and then do the boxy because, obviously, you can't be intoxicated while you're doing the boxy, the little interviews. And then you'd have to go to the bathroom and get changed into your commitment ceremony outfit. So it happens a lot. It's called-- what are they?

I remember, one night, we were having a commitment ceremony and there was a big thunderstorm. And they couldn't keep filming because they couldn't hear anything through the microphones. So we had to-- everybody had to be separated into hotels that night, every couple that hadn't been on the couch yet. And we had to come back the next day-- same hair, same makeup, same everything-- and then start the conversation off from where I had left it.

And the conversation was me and Mick. And he was screaming at me on the couch. And but, obviously, over the night, he'd calmed down and understood it as being a bit over the top. And so he wasn't having that same energy.

And I remember the executive producer came out, and got pretty upset at him, and said, "You need to be consistent from yesterday. Yesterday, you were angry." And he goes, "Yeah, but I'm not angry at her now." So yeah, that happens a lot.