MAFS' Jessika Power opens up about her ADHD diagnosis

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Video transcript


JESSIKA POWER: I've got ADHD so if I don't listen to you, it's not you, it's me. I was diagnosed like, in my adult, early 20s. And I was-- yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. And I was given prescription medication. And I took it and it dulls me. It dulls who I am. And I think it's--

- That' true.

JESSIKA POWER: Yeah. And now, I'm a brand. I guess, I have to-- like, MAFS is always like, you have to look at yourself as a brand. I try to-- I find it difficult to differentiate the two, like, me being Jess, and me being Jess Power. And I've just found like, if I was selling that Jess, which is the high part of--


JESSIKA POWER: If I should sort of say what's on your mind, because it's just there, it's like, in front of my mouth, people aren't interested. So but they're not interested in like, what they want-- find like, bubbly all the time Jess, when I was medicating, it was just, I was spaced out, like quiet. So I just like it. Some days, it could get bad, like, my boyfriend has had to deal with it. Like, it's not bad, it's just like, I've been real hyper and I can't get anything done. Like I'd start one thing and they're like, I will do something else, and then put aside [INAUDIBLE] and sit down, and breathe, since I'm like ugh. It's only in the days if I'm really busy with work, I've got shoots, I've got deadlines, which you know about, I'm just like, never give them.

It so it's like my brain just can't focus on doing that role, that job. But I think, so what? I've got diagnosed when I was 20, 20 or 19? Or 20? And now I just-- I'm just, I know when I'm bad. I know when I'm good. And I just vocalize it. Like, I'm sorry if I'm not listening to you. It's not you, it's just me. [CHUCKLING] It's not you. It's me.

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