MAFS' Jack Millar shares his thoughts on 'the edit'

Married At First Sight season nine star Jack Millar sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

JACK MILLAR: Now when it comes to how a TV show is built, you have to film, I'll just throw an example, nine hours a day. And they've probably got eight hours or six hours of footage of each couple a day. And that's five days a week, which they're fitting into four, less ads, probably one-hour episodes, or an hour and 10 episodes.

'the edit' of what everyone throws around there is simply this, a TV show can only show the most polarizing moments from the week, because they've got hours and hours and hours of footage. So if you've got your worst moment, they will show it. If you've got your best moment, they will show it.

Because this TV show, MAFS in general, is a love show. How I see it is, people love to see love. Like I love love it's great. And so they will show those beautiful heartfelt moments. And they have redemption moments, things like that, you'll see it all through the season.

Because people need that to connect onto. And it's one of the more beautiful parts of the show. But it seems like there's been so many polarizing negative moments, that it's really outweighing the other stuff at the moment. And that's where I think maybe it's 'the edit', or maybe it's just simply the most intense stuff that's happened every single week, and it just seems to keep happening.