MAFS’ Jack gives advice to the 2023 cast

Married At First Sight season nine star Jack Millar sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

JACK MILLAR: This is my advice to absolutely everyone. When someone does something wrong, whether you meant to hurt someone's feelings, or whether you just did it out of accident, you didn't the way that you would make them feel, whatever, if you have hurt someone's feelings, there is a thing called an apology. You utilize this, because we are all taught it when we are very young. You say, I am sorry, and you try and understand what you did to make them feel that way.

If someone feels hurt because of your actions, you own up to it, you say, I'm sorry, and you learn from it. You don't say, I'm sorry you feel that way. That undermines or invalidates the way that someone's feeling. You say, I'm sorry that I said that, I won't do it again. It's pretty simple.