MAFS stars ridiculed over influx of photoshop fails

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MAFS' Martha and Ines have both been called out for some photoshop fails this week. Photo: Getty Images

Married At First Sight’s stars are no stranger to raising eyebrows with their outrageous behaviour, but the drama has spread and now they cant seem to keep it even moderately real on Instagram.

Multiple former contestants have been called out this week over truly terrible attempts at photoshop on their social media that fans can’t help but point out.

Martha’s missing arm

Most recent of the embarrassing slip ups comes from Martha who has been recording her and partner Marc’s trip to the Gold Coast in minutia on Instagram, and now it seems she’s been touching up the minute details, too.

Fans weren’t fooled for a second when a very strange photo appeared on her Instagram featuring a bendy arm, and some strange proportions.

Fans were quick to point out that either photoshop had been deployed, or Martha is suffering from rubbery bones.

“Your photoshop skills are sooo bad! It looks like your arm is broken and your head now looks so big in comparison to your body,” one fan wrote.

“You’re wrist looks so bendy? I’m so confused” said another.

Others were also not too shy to give her a warning about her unfortunate backdrop choice.

“Be careful walking under that sis, riddled with bats,” one kind stranger shared.

Ines and the missing knees

MAFS villain Ines also fell afoul of social media’s magic wand this week.

A new shot in which she showed off a lot of leg blew up the former star’s Instagram this week, but it was the knees - or lack thereof - that grabbed people’s attention.

The MAFS villain poses in a lilac mini dress, boldly grasping her hair, with legs akimbo and apparently no knees to be seen.

Posing with one leg behind the clear arm of a chair is bound to make things look a bit wobbly, but the star’s joints seem to have disappeared completely.

Fans were quick to spot the enormous fail, and weren’t afraid to point it out.

“I’m confused where your left knee is,” one queried.

“Photoshop gone wrong!!!!!” another laughed.

“Your knee. Where?” someone else demanded.

Others argued the angles were just unusual, and that there was no photoshop fail.

“One leg is kneeling on the chair. I saw it straight away,” a loyal fan argued.

Some fans think some Photoshop magic may be behind these seemingly joint-less legs. Photo: Instagram/innnnnnes

Perhaps the most bizarre response came from Ines herself who seemed to accept the fact that her knees had been removed, though her joking comment didn’t specifically confirm whether photoshop had a part to play.

“Left it (my leg) at the skate park after rollerblading,” she responded to someone’s knee-related inquiry. “Going back tomorrow to pick it up.”

Love Island’s cut and past

This photo has raised fan's suspicions for one reason. Photo: Instagram/arabellachi

Yesterday, short-lived Love Island contestant Arabella Chi raised eyebrows with a very choppy photoshop job, that magically transported her back to the show’s set for a publicity shot.

Fans were quick to point out that either the star had her edges reinforced, or she just copy/pasted herself onto Love Island’s location, and not particularly well either.

“This dead a** photoshop smh,” one fan wrote.

“Hahahahaha ur photoshopping is sh*te,” another laughed.

A closer look seems to confirm fans’ suspicions, as a slightly jagged - edge? - of hair is what really gives the game away.

Another fail that had people talking was soccer star Megan Rapineo’s nip slip on live TV on Wednesday night, although the World Champions experience was polar opposite to the fails above.

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