MAFS star Ines shocks with explicit posts

Ines Basic’s explicit sense of humour has shocked fans once again after she shared a series of photos of herself alongside some pretty graphic captions.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the former MAFS star joked about penises, drug use and even acts of bestiality with comments like, “on my way to root your mom” and “I wonder if there’s any dogs here for me to have sex with”.

They were all posted alongside Googled photos of the 29-year-old, many of which were paparazzi shots, or somewhat unflattering screenshots from MAFS.

These are a couple of her posts. Photo: Instagram/Ines Basic

Explaining the posts, Ines told it was all in the name of fun.

“I’m actually taking the piss out of myself and the horrendous photographs and stories that are being published and written about me,” she said.

“I have a great sense of humour which I am using my Instagram feed to demonstrate.”

So no need for concern then.

Ines has recently been using her Instagram page to show off her new smile after she got porcelain veneers.

She and Jess, who she’s remained firm friends with, have been sharing a number of cosmetic procedures with their Instagram audience, including fillers, botox and dental work.

She's been showing off her flashy new teeth to her 160k audience. Photo: Instagram/Ines Basic

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