MAFS Expert John Aiken’s thoughts on a celebrity season

Married At First Sight Australia's expert John Aiken reveals his thoughts on a 'celebrity season' on the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet.

Video transcript

- How does it feel being here tonight at the Logies after a two-year hiatus. What is it like being back?

JOHN AIKEN: Well, it's very exciting because we're up for the Most Popular Reality Show. So it's got added sort of excitement to it all. And also, it's just a night of nights where you get to mix and mingle with everyone in the industry.

- Yeah, have you prepared a speech at all?

JOHN AIKEN: I've got a rough idea, but I probably need to look at some notes at some stage.

- What is it like running into other "MAFS" stars here as well? Like, is that awkward at all?

JOHN AIKEN: It's not awkward. I mean, it's great to see them again because I haven't seen them for some time. And when you bump into them after the show, they've sort of become their own different people and they've got their own careers. So it's lovely to catch up with them.

- Yeah, and I have to ask as well-- there are so many rumors-- "All-Stars MAFS"-- like, "Reunion MAFS" next year. Like-- can you give me any hint of if you-- what do you think about a celebrity "MAFS?"

JOHN AIKEN: I think we just keep doing what we do. I don't think we need to go down the path of celebrity "MAFS." I think we just keep 2023 with essentially the same ingredients-- looking for love, singles, and trying their best to fall in love.

- Yeah, do you keep up to date with the stars as well? Like, post-show, are you, like, oh, this drama is so good. Or are you just checking out of it?

JOHN AIKEN: I tend to sort of just take a back seat once the show is over, keep a low profile. And then we start matching very shortly again, so I'm back into it. But I do love watching them shine post the show. All those "MAFS" alum over the last nine seasons-- it's great to have been a part of their lives.

- Yeah, and big question, but we're celebrating Australian TV tonight. What is a favorite TV moment from the past year for you?

JOHN AIKEN: Favorite TV moment for me-- it's probably a sporting moment. I do love my league. I think the Panthers getting up was a pretty big thing. I think that-- I mean I watch all sports. But any time you get a feel-good story in sport, I'll be watching.

- Well, it's been so lovely to meet you. And best of luck with the award as well. You're going to kill it.

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