Dean Wells reveals 'wild' $5,000 side hustle after MAFS ended

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Married At First Sight star Dean Wells has put a dollar figure on the amount he was paid 'to party' after wrapping the Channel Nine show in 2018. 

The 43-year-old said he pocketed $5,000 for a nightclub appearance while speaking with fellow MAFS groom Bryce Ruthven on his YouTube series, Dangerous Ideas with Deano.

Dean Wells speaking on his YouTube series, Dangerous Ideas with Deano
Dean Wells says he was paid thousands 'to party' at nightclubs after his stint on MAFS. Photo: YouTube/Dangerous Ideas with Deano.

"After MAFS, I was getting paid five grand a night to go to a nightclub, party, full VIP," he revealed.

Dean went on to reminisce about the 'wild' evenings he spent earning thousands as a celebrity guest at bars and clubs.

"They'd send a limo to pick you up, you're just owning the whole club, everybody wants to party with you.

"It was some of the wildest nights I've ever had."

Dean became somewhat of a 'villain' in season five of the social experiment after cheating on his 'wife,' Tracey Jewel, with Ryan Gallagher's 'wife' Davina Rankin.


MAFS star Dean Wells speaking into a microphone in the Nova 96.9 radio studios
Dean revealed how much he and his fellow contestants were paid for the MAFS reunion special earlier this year. Photo: Nova.

Reunion fees

It's not the first time Dean has revealed all when it comes to cash.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated 'Grand Reunion' special earlier this year, Dean revealed how much he and his fellow contestants were paid during a chat with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa.

First, he rubbished claims that Sam Ball was offered $50,000 to take part then said he turned down Channel Nine's initial offer of $2,500.

"Yeah I got paid, I've heard all different numbers and I'll tell you the truth; I got offered $2,500 for two nights and I said that’s an insult," Dean revealed.

He said he told producers to 'double' the offer and they settled on $5,000, which is what his fellow stars were also paid.

"I'm pretty sure everyone else got about the same. Ryan [Gallagher] and I have the same manager who deals with that sort of stuff and I'm pretty sure everyone is roughly around that amount.”

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