Former MAFS stars turn to live online dating show to find love

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Former Married at First Sight star Dan Webb - whose controversial relationship with Jessika Power spectacularly imploded in front of the entire country - is taking a new approach in his search for love, joining a Live online dating show alongside a host of other reality TV stars.

Going Live for Love is the brainchild of The Bachelor’s Belinda Love, a qualified love coach, and will air fortnightly on Youtube, kicking off on Monday May 11.

And the twist? The live show will pair each single with a range of everyday Aussie's looking for love - so you could be the one to date them.

MAFS dan webb
Dan Webb is bake and looking for love again. Photo: Instagram/danwebb

Dan says he hasn’t ever been one for online dating but was keen to try something new.

“I've never even downloaded a dating app,” Dan tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Dating on an online show is a new challenge for me, plus I wanted to test myself and have some fun with this.

“Hopefully I'll meet somebody awesome at the end of it, or at the very least, gain a new friend.”

Some might consider the idea of letting their love life play out on camera again a little daunting however Dan says his experience from being on MAFS has definitely prepared him for anything.

“Having an entire country watch your last relationship break down on live television is pretty frightening and confronting and meant I needed some time before properly getting back out there to find something serious,” he tells us.

“I’m not worried at all these days [about public backlash]. I have been the subject of online bullying to a huge degree.

“After what went down on MAFS I don’t think there’s anything that can get under my skin or come to light I haven’t already been subjected to.”

MAFS dan webb dating show
He says he hasn't been in a serious relationship since MAFS. Photo: Instagram/danwebb

Dan and Jessika controversially got together during a cheating scandal on the 2019 season of Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight.

But the father of one then spectacularly ended things with his co-star after their heated exchange on Talking Married, following the MAFS finale which saw Dan discover Jess’ previous flirty proposition towards fellow contestant Nic Jovanovic.

Since the show, Dan says he hasn’t dated anyone seriously.

“I’ve been so busy with my son, working and having a lot of fun. Over the past year, I have really just focused on enjoying my time and living in the moment,” he says.

“While I haven't had any serious relationships, I think that I’ve pushed a couple of lovely girls away because I just wasn’t ready to dive back into something serious. “

mafs dan webb jessika power break up
Dan and Jess famously broke up during a live interview. Photo: Channel Nine

And when it comes to what he is looking for in a partner he just says a “good human being”.

“I'm looking for someone real and not fake who can hold a conversation longer and more in-depth than just about what she had to eat, or what body group she trained that day,” he tells us.

“Somebody who I'm physically attracted to who is also family orientated who will be able to get along with my son. I'm also searching for somebody fun who doesn't mind letting her hair down and having a good time.”

Dan will join other reality TV alumni including Ashley Airvin (MAFS), Paddy Colliar (The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise) and Nina Rolleston (The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise) as they all put their hearts on the line.

Ashley Airvin, Paddy Colliar and Nina Rolleston
Ashley Airvin, Paddy Colliar and Nina Rolleston are also looking for love. Photos: Instagram

Each celebrity will work with high profile relationship experts (including a sex and intimacy coach and general relationship coach) to get to the root of their romance, what they should be looking for and help them find the perfect match and the show will be shot from the homes of each TV star and Aussie singles.

There is still time to apply here:

First episode will air live at 7:30pm, Monday 11th May here.

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