MAFS' Carolina explains why she was late to her wedding

Married At First Sight Australia's Carolina reveals why she was three hours late to her wedding. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

CAROLINA: It looks like I was three hours late to the wedding. But let me just explain this. I don't get told-- none of us get told what time the wedding actually starts. So how can I be late for something that I don't even know what time it starts?

So yeah, it's not like I'm told, hey, Carolina, you're getting married at 2:00 PM, and now it's 10:00. No, I have no clue. So in the morning, they come in. They take my phone away.

I don't even know what time it is, let alone what time the wedding actually starts. So I wasn't the one who planned the wedding or booked the hair, the makeup for a set in time to align with the time that the wedding starts. So I have no clue what's going on. I'm just going with the flow.

So-- or a location-- as I have no idea of the location that the wedding is supposed to be at. So I was checked-in the day before the wedding at an amazing 5 star hotel in Double Bay. And I'm thinking, oh, boy, I'm winning in life. I'm getting married in Double Bay.

So for all I knew, the wedding was downstairs in Double Bay in the hotel. I was at the Intercontinental Hotel. So they do have wedding receptions there.

Yeah, so anyway, so when the whole makeup thing happened-- and you can see a scene where I ask-- and it's like, how long do I have? Because. I don't even know.

And they're like oh, we should have left an hour ago. So that already shows that I had no clue that I had to leave now on before-- you know, and I'm like oh, my God. OK.

I finally leave to go to the wedding, to the wedding venue. And I'm thinking it's downstairs. No, we get into a limo. And then I'm like, OK, well, we're probably just driving around the block for photos, whatever. No, we drive for an hour.

So the wedding was not in Double Bay. The wedding was actually an hour away [INAUDIBLE] or like just [INAUDIBLE] away. So I'm like, OK, so you actually walk. Like, how the hell is this my fault at all?

So yeah, so I have no clue where I'm going to, what time it starts or any of that. So it can not be my fault at all. So yeah, so when they do ask me, like, do you feel guilty? And I'm like, I don't know. I was just having a joke, because at the end of the day, it's not my fault.

So I'm like, I may as well just take the [? pair. ?] So I'm thinking it's funny and stuff. And I'm like no, I'm not-- I don't feel guilty. Like, it's not my fault. And they cut the [INAUDIBLE]. It's not my fault ad.

And then I just joke like, oh, you know, he-- happy wife, happy life. And then they just made that joke into a clearly really bad thing, so.


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