MAFS' Bryce on his portrayal as a 'villain': 'My family are worried'

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He’s been slammed by fans, who called him out for ‘gaslighting’ his ‘bride’ Melissa Rawson on Married At First Sight and now Bryce Ruthven has spoken out about his portrayal on the controversial reality show.

The 31-year-old radio announcer from Canberra spoke with Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny and said while he thinks the worst may be over, there is an ‘incident’ at a dinner party that may not go down too well.

MAFS' Bryce and Melissa
MAFS' Bryce has spoken out about his portrayal on the show. Photo: Nine

“I know my family are a little bit worried for me at the moment because I’m a very head strong person, I’ve copped stuff, I’ve done radio for 11 years and did a bit of TV before that, you cop stuff,” he said.

“But I guess for me I’m staying off social media, I have heard there are podcasts going around, none of it is true, it is going to be hopefully however long is left, eight weeks of the series and then we move on.”


Bryce said he believes that what we’ve seen on our screens is the ‘worst parts’ however, “there is a bit of an incident at the dinner party. It revolves around me taking offence to another guy disrespecting women.”

MAFS' Bryce and Melissa
Bryce said he's worried about how his portrayal will affect his career. Photo: Nine

“Anyone who knows me quite well knows I’m very respectful towards women, previous partners and whatnot. I’m basically just rolling with the punches as whatever is coming out is obviously a part of me that’s not a great look.”

Bryce said going into the experiment, he was aware of how people have been portrayed as villains in the past.

“Michael Goonan last year, Dean Wells the year before…You think, I’m sure they are not bad people, but obviously they're being cast as this. I thought going in for this, I was going in for the right reason. Surely they are not going to pick me, they are going to pick someone but it’s not going to be me.”

Bryce continued saying that while he’s been asked if he wants to lay low and ‘chill out’ by his publicist, he said he would “prefer people to get to know my personality and what I’m actually like as a decent human being and not this a****le that everyone is saying I am. I’m just trying to live a normal life”.

Photo: Nine
Photo: Nine
MAFS' Bryce and Melissa at their wedding.
Bryce 'married' Melissa on the controversial reality show. Photo: Nine

The radio host said he wished the producers had shown more of his honeymoon with Melissa.

"We had the best honeymoon. If only you’d seen the other seven days we were in the Blue Mountains for," he said.

He also said he's trying to continue with his career in radio.

"I’ve done radio for 11 years, I’m now working here as well, I’m trying to continue my career on as a normal human being and have a normal life," he said.

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