MAFS: Will Bronte and Melinda's friendship survive? | Roundtable

The Yahoo team gathered around the table to chat about Married At First Sight season 10. Today, we're discussing the feud between Bronte and Melinda - can their friendship survive?

Video transcript


- A major plot point on the retreat was about the feud between two of the bride's. We had Bronte and Melinda. They used to be friends from what we could see on TV. But now, things are a bit tense because Melinda thought it was appropriate to tell Bronte that her husband Harrison had so many red flags. Melinda believed that Harrison was love bombing Bronte, gaslighting her, all of the key words there. And Melinda called Bronte naive, which she was not happy with.

So then, Bronte and Melinda's relationship has now suffered because of that confession. When in reality, Melinda was just trying to stick up for a friend and help her. How do we feel in a show like this, "Married at First Sight,"-- it's a relationship show-- where do the priorities lie between friendships and romantic relationships? What should you focus on?

- It is a romantic show. So I guess the goal is to find that relationship. But just like in the real world, you will have friends looking out for you and giving you advice.

So if you've got those friendships within the experiment, I think you should listen to what they're saying because as far as I'm concerned from watching the show, it doesn't necessarily seem apart from maybe a few examples, like, people are trying to tear down another person's relationship. They're actually genuinely trying to help. And especially with the Bronte and Melinda situation, I think us as viewers can look at the Bronte and Harrison's relationship, and we're like, what is going on?

- It looks so fake. They look like they're acting when they're on the couch

- Yeah. And badly.

- Yes.

- That's how you can tell.

- Nothing Harrison says seems genuine.

- Genuine. Exactly.

- And I think from when Bronte and Harrison were on the couch and a few weeks ago, and he said, oh, it was so nice now that Bronte's apologized. We're getting along. And again, we haven't seen everything.

But as a viewer, you're like, what did she have to apologize for when it seemed like it was the other way around last week? And she was fully going along with it and agreeing. So I can totally see why the cast members would be concerned because they're like, what kind of, like, brainwashing is happening here?

- She just flicked a switch basically. Like, she was fully, like, against him and being like, no, I see right through you. And then, yeah, that commitment ceremony, all of a sudden, it seemed like she was like, it was her fault. And she was taking the blame.

Like, I get that it is a romantic show. But at the same time, you are right. Like, your friends would be looking out for you. But I sometimes find it difficult on "MAFS." When you are paired with someone, I understand you have to work through it. And, like, there's a reason you've been paired with them. Whatever.

But sometimes, I feel like either side of the couple are really just-- they're so focused on making it work and, like, getting to the end that maybe they're, like, letting other things-- they're not seeing everything that's going on. And I feel like that for some reason Bronte is just so like, I must have this relationship with Harrison.

Like, I trust him. OK, he's handsome. Other girls are going to, like, get asked for his number. Like, she's just letting all these things go maybe for the sake just to, like, make their relationship work.

- Or, like, and I hate to say it, but is it just to stay on the show?

- That's exactly it.

- Yeah.

- We heard about Dan and Sandy's, like--

- Agreement.

- Agreement. Bronte and Harrison surely have an agreement. The way that they talk, oh, yeah, now, we're having hot, crazy monkey sex or whatever.

- Yeah.

- I'm like-- I'm like, why are you saying that?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- It just seems so fake. I would not be surprised if they just don't even talk to each other when they're together.

- And they're just on the walls like, yeah.

- We've got to make Ollie think they're doing it.

- Ollie's there just like--

- I feel like I might have missed something. What was this agreement?

- Dan has alleged that he and Sandy had an agreement that they knew that they weren't each other's person.

- Right.

- And they just decided to stay in the show just-- and as friends. That's why he would leave the apartment for six hours a day because he thought they're not working on their relationship. They're just living together basically. They're just roommates.

- Sure, right.

- It definitely feels like that's what Bronte and Harrison have done since the beginning of the [INAUDIBLE].

- Melinda and Bronte, if they disagree on Harrison's behavior, Bronte now doesn't like Melinda. Melinda obviously doesn't like Bronte for the way she sticks up for Harrison. Is there a way that they can kind of come back together if, hypothetically, Harrison and Bronte don't work out?

- If they don't work it out, sure. I'm sure there's a way for Bronte and Melinda to be friends again. Melinda was only looking out for Bronte. And Bronte was only looking out for Melinda.

- I think they're just both really strong personalities. And they both quite, like-- I don't really like using this term-- but, like, alpha--

- Yes.

- --sort of energy. And I feel like that's really easy to, like, butt heads when you're like that.

- Can we just also imagine you're only seeing, like, 10 people for, like, how many weeks? You're only seeing those people. And if you don't like them and you're constantly being-- like, in real life, you would just not go to--

- I would not go to a retreat or a dinner party.

- Like, I don't want to go because they're there. Like, you're obviously going to butt heads with people if that's the case. So maybe time apart would be really good for Melinda and Bronte's marriage.

- Maybe they a retreat from the retreat.

- Yeah.

- Smart.

- Solo retreat.

- So true.

- Honeymoons. I get it.

- A honeymoon but on your own.

- Oh, solo moon.

- That's such a vibe.

- Yes.

- That's the thing, like, I feel like I would just be like, can I be by myself for a little bit?

- Yes.

- Yeah.

- Like, I kind of understand that aspect of Dan's lines.

- Of Dan's? Yeah, getting that-- yeah.

- Like, I just need to leave for six hours. Don't ask where I am. I wouldn't be at the gym. But, like--

- No.

- I just need some time.

- Like, just-- like, or I'd be like, can you leave for six hours so I can stay at home and play "Animal Crossing?"

- Yeah, I just want my own apartment for, like, vibes.

- Oh, my god. I know.