MAFS’ Brent Vitiello gives advice to the 2023 cast

Married At First Sight season 9 star Brent Vitiello sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

BRENT VITELLO: Advice is even if you get hate, let it go. People forget about the certain thing that's brought up, that could be getting to you. They get over it in two days, because there's always another one, and there's always another article, and there's always another scandal. And people will forget. And don't be so hard on yourself.

One thing we realized is one thing will come up, and you're sitting there, stressing-- and I've spoken to a few of them, and they do stress every time something comes up. And I know that feeling. And then you're worried about how you're portrayed.

But then in two days, something else comes up, and everyone's already forgotten about it. So just ride the wave. Just ride the wave. And if you've done something wrong, kind of own it. It's the best thing for you.

Do you know what I mean? Hold yourself accountable and things go away. That's probably the best advice I can give.