MAFS’ Brent reveals his thoughts on Harrison

Married At First Sight season 9 star Brent Vitiello sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

BRENT VITIELLO: It does seem like he's had a specific game plan. This whole thing has been a game plan. It's a game. He was never in it for-- it's obvious he's not in it for love. He never was. He's trying to be the bad guy. So [? you ?] can say, like-- he wants people to dislike him, because he knows he's entertaining.

It's all a show. There's no doubt about that. I think it's just-- don't [MUTED] on someone while making a show. You can make the show and entertain us. Great. But don't [MUTED] on someone while you do it.

He's also very well prepared. He wanted to be a villain. He's prepared to get his side out. He's prepared to do all this. He knew what he was doing. This was all-- yeah, it was all pre-gamed. People are still trying to get that villain edit and become famous. That's what he thinks is going to happen.

Worst part is, he believes he's going to be a big-time guy. Or he believes that he's going to be so famous. And he really does believe it. You can tell, in the way he is, he believes that he's right and everyone's going to see it. I'm just, like, yo. It can't be real.