MAFS' Brent hits out at Daniel before boxing match: 'Never liked him'

MAFS' Brent hits out at Daniel before boxing match. Source: The Wash.

Video transcript

- Hey, Brent. I heard you're doing a boxing match with Daniel.

BRENT VITIELLO: I sure am, man. October. October we're going to jump in the ring.

- So what's the story? Who started this?

BRENT VITIELLO: He was looking for an opponent. He'd already backed down from Mitch, because Mitch was a professional boxer. And then Mitch was calling him out, trying to get him to fight, wouldn't do it. And then he posted that he wouldn't fight anyone from our season. So I took it upon myself to step in, I guess.

- You have beef with Daniel, do you?

BRENT VITIELLO: I've never liked him. I won't now, I probably won't later. Look, I sit there and talk smack like he has, I'm not a keyboard warrior. I'm not going to keep photos of him like he does with me in his camera roll so he can make cute little photos if that makes him feel bigger about himself. He can take all the steroids in the world he wants to take because I just don't care. I'll keep it classy. I've still got a business and stuff to run, but where we do it is we talk in the ring. It's a sport as well. It's important for people to know it's a sport. Do it properly and we'll settle it there. That's It.

- Perfect.

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