MAFS Brent hits back at Tamara after she reopens feud

MAFS Brent hits back at Tamara after she reopens feud

Video transcript

- Have you run into--

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: --and some parties.

- --run into Brent, who's been here?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: I think he was at the same show as me yesterday. I didn't run into him, though. [LAUGHS]

- No catch-ups?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: No catch-ups, no.

- Have you spoken since?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: No, we haven't spoken.

- Oh.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: No. No. Not much to talk about.

- Yeah.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: I don't have much to talk about.

- It's all in the past.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: He's got a lot to talk about about me--


--I've heard.

- Oh, yeah.

- I don't have much to say about him. [LAUGHS]

BRENT VITIELLO: Since when? I like how she [INAUDIBLE] to put words in my mouth.

- I wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about. I just went, OK.

BRENT VITIELLO: Well, well, see? That's you and me both. I don't know what Tamara's talking about either. Didn't she go on a question-and-answer about me not long ago? I haven't done anything like that. Anyway, whatever.

- Yeah.

BRENT VITIELLO: I hope she lives a world full of happiness and prospered life.


- Exactly.

- Lovely.

- That's so nice.

- What a gentleman.

- Wow. I wish she had said that about you.


BRENT VITIELLO: We all know what she thinks of me, so there's no point in even talking about it [LAUGHS] Yeah. No, no. That's in the past, man. It's all in the past.

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