MAFS' Booka slams 'extremely creepy' nude photo act: 'Gross'

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MAFS star Booka Nile is one of the victims of the latest Australian nude photo leak, and she has weighed in on the scandal, labelling it “extremely creepy”.

Booka shares adult content on Patreon, which is a popular subscription-based site similar to OnlyFans, and intimate videos of her showering appeared on a popular Reddit group.

L: MAFS star Booka Nile posing in a hot pink bra with pastel pink hair. R: A shot of Booka in a blue crop top and a pair of cheeky undies
MAFS star Booka Nile had X-rated content leaked online. Photo: Instagram/bookanile

The content shared on the subreddit group, which had over 11,000 members at its peak, was considered an illegal ‘porn directory’ and featured 14 female former MAFS stars.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the reality TV star was quick to condemn the people behind the leak, and believes they should feel ashamed of their actions.

“I think it’s pretty gross and that the people who leak these kinds of images and videos are extremely creepy,” she starts.

“They need to seek professional help to determine why they get a rise out of taking away the power people have over how and where they share their private, intimate images.”


Booka admits she had thought about the possibility of a leak happening, and made sure to keep her X-rated content ‘fairly tame’. As a result, none of her stolen videos make her feel ‘embarrassed or humiliated’, but she still condemns the act.

Booka Nile posing in a two piece white bikini with yellow and green floral details
The musician has raised her prices to help curb any future leaks. Photo: Instagram/bookanile

“The whole thing is still a rancid violation of the basic dignity and privacy of everyone whose had their content leaked,” she fires out.

The star wants people to stop shaming the X-rated content creators, and tells us that "the whole thing reeks of creepy perversion."

This isn’t her first time having content leaked, and she reveals that a few months ago she went through something similar.

To prevent further leaks, she now has a ‘top tier’ on her Patreon that costs $338.50 per month, and only five people are allowed to have access at once.

“People may still leak my content but if they do, then jokes on them for being the moron that pays heaps, and then allows everyone to have it for free,” she says.

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