MAFS Australia's Dom and Ella spill on their new podcast and moving in together

Married At First Sight Australia's Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle Australia about their brand new podcast, Sit With Us, which came out today, Wednesday 8 June!

Video transcript

- Hi, guys.


DOMENICA CALARCO: Hi, hi, everyone. We finally made it.

ELLA DING: We're on.


- We finally made it.

ELLA DING: We're here.

- Well, you both look wonderful. Thank you so much for just taking the time out to chat with me. I can imagine today has just been a crazy, wild day, and now, we can just add technical difficulties to that.

ELLA DING: Just to add it to all of it.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Of course, the internet, technical difficulties is the bane of our existence. But here we are, and we cannot wait to chat with you.

ELLA DING: Yeah, we're very excited.

- So excited, well, firstly, a huge congratulations. "Sit With Us" the podcast is officially launched. First episode out this morning.


- Make sure you stream it wherever you get your podcasts, Apple, Spotify, everywhere. How does it feel having it out in the world?

ELLA DING: It still hasn't sunk in, I don't think. Like, when I was flying to Sydney last night, that was probably the first moment where I sat there when the plane was taking off, and I was like just realizing, OK, I'm going to Sydney because we're launching our podcast tomorrow. But I still don't feel like it's really sunken in, and I kind of hope it doesn't because I think that does keep you grounded.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, I think we are just so excited that we now have our very own platform where we can be uncensored, unfiltered. Yeah, there will be editing, so--

ELLA DING: Apparently, I'm kind of editing.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Our editing you know.


DOMENICA CALARCO: You know, not that kind of editing, but yeah, so we're just so excited to have that one on one interaction with our followers and our audience. And we're so excited for where this is going to take us.


- Yeah, well, let's go back to the start. Whose idea was it to launch a podcast?

ELLA DING: Well, we both wanted to.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, it was something we honestly would talk about even when we were in MAFS 'cause we would just have these really long conversations, sitting on the floor, in my Skye Suites apartment.

ELLA DING: And we would have so much to talk about.

DOMENICA CALARCO: So much to talk about, and then we just thought, god, we could record this, and babe, I feel like people would listen to us.

ELLA DING: We both feel like a lot of people related to us throughout the series of MAFS, and that's why we've had such an amazing, I guess, response to the public. It's people related with her story, with my story, with the way that our friendship had formed, and it's just pushed us and given us the idea to have our own platform.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It pushed us a lot in terms out of our comfort zones. It's really opening up. It's being raw and honest, and I think that's why the wider audience really connected with us so much because we were able to just be ourselves and be raw and authentic. And that's really what people want to see. They don't want to see all these filters all the time, and they want to see you with your pimple cream on. They want to hear you talking about, oh my god, he was a dud route. Oh my god, I've got my period, and everything that comes with just being a 20-something single woman in the modern world. Like so much comes with that. And it's relatable, and it's real.

- Yeah, well, you touched on it in the first episode, which, again, if you've just joined, first episode of "Sit With Us" launched this morning, streaming wherever you get your podcasts. But you slightly talked about how you came up with the name "Sit With Us," but tell me, what was that process like of choosing the name for this project?

ELLA DING: So we were on a live. And we started to bounce the idea that we're going to do a podcast, and everybody went nuts. And we were like, yeah, guys, send us ideas and names, and the ideas were amazing. There were so many cool ones, but we just felt like "Sit With Us" really resonated the most because we want our viewers to feel as though they can sit with us. They have a friend in us because a lot of people have come to us in the DMs saying, I wish I had a friend like you in high school or I wish I could speak up more. And we just want everyone to feel like they can have that with us.

DOMENICA CALARCO: We get so many people coming up to us daily, saying like, oh my god, I feel like I know you, and I always say back to them, you do know us. You do know us, and that is why the name "Sit With Us" just, it was perfect. It just fit, and it's like you know what? You can come and sit with us. Everyone, it's inclusive. It's fun. It's light-hearted, and we just want everyone to just feel included. And this space where we can be open, honest, and it's a safe space to talk about things that maybe people kind of shy away from.

ELLA DING: And also for our followers and fans to feel connected to us in a much more personal way because when it's-- we had this conversation earlier when someone is listening to us, it's really just us and them for that 30 to 40 minutes. It's just them listening, engaging.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It's quite personal.

ELLA DING: It is. The things that we want to share and we want to talk about, things that are relevant in our life, in the world, but coming from our point of view, which, I think, is also really relatable.

- Yeah, was it hard choosing a podcast company to work with as well? Like I can imagine everyone would have been fighting over you.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, I mean, look, as soon as we came off the show, I feel like there was just people like--

ELLA DING: Everywhere.

DOMENICA CALARCO: --throwing offers left, right, and center. Honestly, we wanted to, the first thing, like we went to Amazon, and I bought like microphones and like a whole set up. And we're like, we're just going to do it from home, from home. But when we had a meeting with Acast, we really felt like it was the right fit because we could own our voice literally and figuratively, everything.

So we can say whatever the hell we want, and we're not being told what to say. We own our voice, and that's something that's really important to us. And I think it should be important to every person. So it was a no-brainer for us as soon as we had that meeting, and we're so lucky to be working with an incredible company that supports creators and puts creators first.

ELLA DING: And they want you to be you. They're not trying to change you. They haven't tried to-- they've guided us and helped us because obviously, we're very new to this. Like, god, we don't really, really know what to do. We just know how to talk. And yeah, they've just guided us and like, I guess, broadened our imagination as well in ways that we couldn't have done.

DOMENICA CALARCO: And seeing the possibilities of what this incredible reach that we have in our audience, and how that can change people's lives, and how we can start conversations and actually make a change, so it's just so exciting, and we can't wait for this journey.

ELLA DING: Yeah, we're very excited.

- Yeah, what was it like, as well, when you started charting before you had even released the first episode? Like, what was going through your heads in that moment?


ELLA DING: We were just like, what the hell? And this is crazy.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, we couldn't believe it truly. We were just--

ELLA DING: We still don't know.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It feels weird. Like, it's so surreal, I think, is the word.

ELLA DING: And because it has happened so quickly. Like, we really just had this idea, and we got the ball rolling pretty quick.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It's exciting.

ELLA DING: And it is. It's exciting. It's go, go, go. It's nonstop.

DOMENICA CALARCO: --that you guys want to hear what we have to say, and you're so invested in it, and more than anything, that just means the world to us. And we are so excited to take you on this journey, and oh my god, there's so many exciting things to come.

ELLA DING: I know.

DOMENICA CALARCO: I just can't wait.

ELLA DING: And it also motivates us hearing from fans since we've made our "Sit With Us" Instagram, we have so many DMs about topics they want us to share, our opinions on things that they want us to talk about. And we have so much engagement, which is just truly amazing.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, and on our Facebook group as well. We do have a Facebook group where we just, we want to start that conversation. We want it to be a place where people will feel welcome to come, and it's inviting. And--

ELLA DING: There's no limits--

DOMENICA CALARCO: There's no limits.

ELLA DING: --with conversation.

DOMENICA CALARCO: The limit does not exist.

ELLA DING: It's like just a judge-free zone. Like, give us your opinion. Give us something to talk about, like it's an uncapped area, uncensored. Yeah, it's very cool

- Yeah, well, for anyone just joining, the wonderful Ella and Dom were talking all about the podcast. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below, and we'll get to those shortly.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, send your questions. Nothing's off limits, just like the podcast, guys.

- I'm sure everyone wants to know, I'm sure everyone wants to know, like, what's the goal with the podcast? What is your main objective, I guess?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, look, I mean, first and foremost, it's engaging with our audience and the incredible people that have followed our journey through MAFS, but also not just following us because we were on this TV show, but following us because they resonated with the people that we really are. So more than anything it's being able to engage with our incredible audience.

ELLA DING: Yeah, but also like providing advice. Like, we feel like both of us individually have lived very eventful lives--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Full, full lives.

ELLA DING: --which we will share a lot on our podcast, so that we can bring people up to speed to who we are and why we are who we are. And that's what the viewers loved us on MAFS for having a voice, or being the voice of reason, and those things. And we want to share with everyone why we are that way, and dating, and relationships, and we really have experienced it all, whether it has been--


ELLA DING: --marriage, divorce--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Real marriage.

ELLA DING: --single for 10 years, dating fuckboys, like the disappointment, like just all that sort of stuff. Like, it's so common. There's so many single amazing, successful women in the world, and it's something that so many of us can relate on. And there's just so much more that we want to share on that stuff, but also many other topics as well.

- Yeah, what about guests? Do you have like a vision board? Is there a dream person that you'd love to have on the podcast?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, look, we cannot wait to have guests on. I think the first people that we're going to have on are our mums. Our mums are such a crucial--

ELLA DING: Well, they've molded us.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, they've molded us to the women that we are, and we look up to both of them. And I think the relationship that-- some people don't have mums. Some people don't have a relationship with their mums, and some do have a relationship. So I think just the whole topic around mums and how that figure of having a woman in your life can shape you or can make you into something, as you grow older, I think that's a really interesting topic to explore from everything from relationships to sex and where did you learn this, this, this.

It's a really interesting topic that we want to explore, but I think, moving forward than that, we want to interview everyone. Like, the limit, once again, does not exist. We're already thinking, oh, Jack Harlow's coming to Splendour in a couple of months. It's like, oh, maybe, we'll get him on the podcast.

ELLA DING: We'll get him, yeah.

- Yes.

ELLA DING: The big guests--


ELLA DING: It's very exciting.



DOMENICA CALARCO: Stay tuned. We're not going to give too much away, but there is exciting stuff to come. We can tell you that.

- I'm seeing some people ask, "what about MAFS stars on the podcast? Would you have any other co-stars on the show with you?"

ELLA DING: We'll see.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Look, we're not saying no--

ELLA DING: We're not closed off to it.

DOMENICA CALARCO: But it's like, you know, obviously, MAFS gave us the platform that people were able to, like, know us. So we don't want to shy away from it, but in saying that, we don't want the whole podcast just to be about MAFS. Yeah, we will have opinions, and we'll be able to tell our side of the story. But yeah, never say never though.

ELLA DING: Yeah, no, definitely, never say never.

- Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of people as well, asking, "what's it like working with your best friend?" Like how has that dynamic been?

ELLA DING: It's been easy. Like, we both bounce off each other. We give each other ideas. We kind of ground each other as well in our own ways.

DOMENICA CALARCO: We're not afraid to tell each other like how it is either, which I really respect that. The other week Ella was really under the weather, so I kind of took the reins. I was like, babe, don't worry. I got you. And then vice versa when I was unwell last week. So it's kind of like we've got this just symbiotic thing here where it's like one or the other, we feel each other's energy. We can work off that, which we're so blessed because that really--

ELLA DING: It's just worked out. I mean, it's really just worked out.


ELLA DING: Like, we don't even know how we got here. You know what I mean? Like, it just happened. We met on MAFS. We were meant to fall in love, well, with a man, but we met each other. And it's just happened. Like, you can't predict that this stuff is going to happen from going on a reality show. You just can't plan it. You can't fake it. You can't write it, and like, even just sitting here right now underneath this, like what the hell? It's so surreal.

DOMENICA CALARCO: With this huge microphone.

ELLA DING: Like, it's so strange.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It's really is huge, isn't it?


Biggest thing I've had in my face in a real long time, guys.


- I heard as well, are you guys moving in together as well? Like, is that a thing?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, look, we would love to.

ELLA DING: It's hard.

DOMENICA CALARCO: It's hard. Number one, the rental market in Sydney. If you know, you know.

ELLA DING: Compared to Melbourne, like Sydney is crazy, but we're looking.

- We're looking.

DOMENICA CALARCO: And it's definitely something on the horizon. We'd love to have our own little home studio with that kind of stuff, but yeah. We've got a lot in the pipeline at the moment, and we're just taking it day by day, honestly. But yeah.

ELLA DING: That's definitely something--

DOMENICA CALARCO: We're looking. We're actively looking.

- OK, yeah, so are you going to move anytime soon then Ella or, see, or come back and forth now and then?

ELLA DING: Well, for now, I'm pretty much in Sydney like every fortnight. I basically, every fortnight, but the plan is to move to Sydney, hopefully in the next few months.

- Yeah, well, make sure you guys leave some comments and questions if you've got any. We're getting a lot of people saying how lovely you guys are and how proud they are, which is very nice to hear.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Aw, that's so sweet. That's honestly makes everything worth it, just to read those comments. And we read, honestly, guys, all of our DMs--


DOMENICA CALARCO: --even if we don't reply, we do see them.

ELLA DING: Yeah, we're reading them.

DOMENICA CALARCO: And we see the love, and we feel the love. We just wish that we had like 10 hands and like maybe 20 eyes as well just in order to reply to everything because it's just all amazing.

ELLA DING: But when we do read DMs together, like, we sit there, and we feel it. And like, we've been emotional reading DMs.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, we've cried. We've laughed.

ELLA DING: Yeah, we have.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Everything, we've felt every emotion.

- Someone wants to know, "where did you guys get your jackets from?"

ELLA DING: Good old Zara.


ELLA DING: Zara has the best blazer cuts ever.

DOMENICA CALARCO: For, for petite girls, for women, sorry. For women, I feel like Zara just gets a blazer right. We're both shorties, so--

ELLA DING: Yeah, but this is a small one. It's still pretty big.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, but I like it. I like a boxy fit. I know you guys have [INAUDIBLE] questions than these. Come on. I know they're there.

- "What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a podcast?" Someone just asked that one.

ELLA DING: Mm, that's a good one. I think definitely have, like, the right people who can listen and guide you a bit, whether it's-- because we've reached out to people who have had podcasts, who have already got amazing platforms, and we've asked for advice around it. Also, our [INAUDIBLE] have really helped.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, don't be shy to have a mentor. Don't be shy to have someone that--

ELLA DING: Just ask.

DOMENICA CALARCO: --you look up to and reach out to them. You know what I mean?

ELLA DING: Ask questions.

DOMENICA CALARCO: I think knowledge is power, and if you don't ask, you don't get. So for me, I think the best advice I could give is go for it.

ELLA DING: Go for it.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Go for it. Reach out.

ELLA DING: You've got to take the risk.


ELLA DING: Like we don't know what the outcome, we didn't know what the outcome is going to be launching. We had no idea, but it's a risk that you have to be willing to take. And if it fails, that's OK. Whether it's podcasting, or any opportunity--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Anything in life.

ELLA DING: --yeah, you have to take that risk.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Whether that's in relationships, financial risk, whatever, there's always a risk, and I think where you push yourself, that's where you're going to find that sweet spot, and you're going to really--

ELLA DING: But definitely, just reach out to people. DM them. Ask them--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, ask for advice.

ELLA DING: Also, like YouTubes and books, there's so much information out there--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Internet, the internet is incredible--

ELLA DING: --on how to launch.

DOMENICA CALARCO: --when it doesn't lag.

ELLA DING: Yeah. There are so many resources out there but just ask. You have to just like put your hand up in class. Don't be afraid.

- A lot of people are asking "when is it coming out?" So the first episode dropped this morning, and for people that don't know how to access it, where can they listen to the "Sit With Us" podcast?

ELLA DING: Well, it's basically on every platform that you listen to your podcast on. We've also got on our "Sit With Us" Instagram, if you go into like our highlights, we've got all the links there.

DOMENICA CALARCO: But just pop "Sit With Us" in your Apple Podcast app, Spotify, Google Podcasts--

ELLA DING: Amazon?

DOMENICA CALARCO: --Amazon, everything, everywhere that you can get a podcast, you will find our podcast. It'll be there, guys.

- Plenty of people want to know as well, "will you be doing live shows, a tour? What's the goal?"

ELLA DING: That's the plan. We would love to do live shows.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Absolutely would love--

ELLA DING: For everyone to come "Sit With Us," and chat with us, and do that with us, like that's definitely the goal.

DOMENICA CALARCO: That will be so surreal.

ELLA DING: Yeah, that's the vision.

DOMENICA CALARCO: We would love that, to have all of these incredible people in one room and having this huge, amazing like a stage for us to-- It's wow. That would be amazing.

ELLA DING: Live tours, definitely. Ella and Dom on tour.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, oh my god, that would be amazing.

- And merch as well? People are wondering if you've got merch coming out.

DOMENICA CALARCO: That's tomorrow's job. We've got--

ELLA DING: We're going to start that process tomorrow.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Me and Elle are on the couch tomorrow, jotting down ideas, but--

ELLA DING: We want to merch.

DOMENICA CALARCO: And we want to hear from you guys. We want to hear what you want to see merch-wise. Like, it's so exciting. We really want our listeners, and our followers, and the audience to really guide us in what they want. It has to be audience-driven because without you guys, this podcast couldn't happen. We wouldn't have this platform, so we want to give you guys what you want. It's not about us. it's about--

ELLA DING: Well, it's like our community. it's like us with our community, so everything that your, all of your input, your ideas, we want to hear. Yeah, 100%, merch is definitely a must.


- So many people are wondering how often episodes are out, so it's every Wednesday?


DOMENICA CALARCO: Correct. Yep, so every Wednesday, like clockwork, you can wake up in the morning, and you have a podcast on Wednesday mornings.

- Amazing. We've got a couple of more questions coming through. "What would be your advice for young girls going through a difficult time?"

DOMENICA CALARCO: Aw, well, first of off, I just want to say, if you're having a difficult time, no matter what you're going through, there always will be light at the end of the tunnel. And I can tell you that from so many experiences that I've gone through.

ELLA DING: Me, too.


ELLA DING: For sure.

DOMENICA CALARCO: --feels the exact same. The best advice is just stay true to who you are, and just know that you will get through it, and take each day as it comes.

ELLA DING: Yeah, and I think it's worked for me when I'm in like the toughest times. After MAFS, like everything happened with Mitch, that was like a really tough time. That was really like the toughest I've actually been through in terms of a relationship in like 10 years. So for me, what got me through that was being alone, and like my meditation, my walking on the beach, and actually just being so aware of my thoughts, and my feelings, and what was going up here, being aware and not just like putting it to the side, putting it down on paper, and just like being present with how you're--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Embracing your feelings and realizing within yourself why you're feeling these certain ways and then working towards how I can change that and how I can work myself out of a funk. Like oh my god, I get into a funk--

ELLA DING: We all do, and we're allowed to. We're humans.

DOMENICA CALARCO: You go through stages in life, and I think, for me, it's OK to have those down days. When I am self-aware enough and I'm like, OK, I'm having a bit of a shitty day, it's OK. Tomorrow is a new day. Just keeping as positive as can be, and I know how difficult it can be to keep positive when shit is tough. Trust me, I know, but--

ELLA DING: But don't be hard on yourself.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Don't be hard on yourself.

ELLA DING: You're allowed to feel down, and you're allowed to have those moments because like I wrote it on one of my captions, when I got on MAFS, for me, the only way to heal is to feel. Like, you've got to feel it to heal the--

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yeah, and I feel like we're in this social media world where everyone's got to be a hustle. Everything's got to be, oh my god, I'm on top of it all the time. No, you're not. I'm telling you right now, the people that go on Instagram and be like, I'm hustling. I sleep six hours a night. No, don't listen to that bullshit because it's not realistic, and it's not attainable. And it's not long term. It doesn't work. We all have our ups and downs. We're human beings. We have our shitty days. Just be the wave.

ELLA DING: Be aware of it, yeah, and work on it.

- Yeah, someone's asked if you're going to have a visual version of the podcast, or like will you have a YouTube channel, something like that?

ELLA DING: So we have filmed our podcast. We do plan to continue to do that. We are just working on what kind of platform and where we want to have that.

DOMENICA CALARCO: So there will be video content on our socials, but we're still working. and figuring out if we do want to do a YouTube or where we would hold that video content. But yeah, stay tuned on that. It's all a work in progress, guys, and we want to know what you want to see as well. So video content is something really important to you, then that's what we will give you.

ELLA DING: Yeah, we'll do it.

- And just one last question before I let you go, how has life been adjusting after MAFS? Like, I'm sure a lot has definitely happened since filming wrapped about six months ago, but how is everything going for you now?

ELLA DING: It's been pretty crazy. Like, I have gone through that many ups and downs, and it's been busy adjusting to everything that's like the opportunities. Like, we've already said, you can't plan for this. You don't know how you're going to come out, and it really has opened up opportunities. And I said to myself, if love failed on "Married at First Sight," then I would put all that energy that I have for a relationship into opportunities, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. But it has been crazy. Like, it has been.

DOMENICA CALARCO: The emotional roller coaster that was the MAFS journey, I think, if anything, it made me into a better person. I learnt so much not only about myself but just human nature in general, and I really, like Ella, I really put everything into the experiment and wanting that relationship with Jack to work out. And unfortunately, yes, we don't have a romantic relationship, but we have such an incredible, amazing bond and friendship that I'm so blessed to have.

And I think, yeah, I'm the same as Ella. I didn't come out of the show with the relationship that I thought I would have or that I hoped of. And so now, I'm putting that energy into myself. For a while, going through my divorce, and then obviously putting myself in MAFS, I was giving everything to everyone else. But now is my time, and now is my time to put the energy into me, and to flourish, and grow. And I'm just so happy that I get to do that next to my best friend, and we go this journey together. It's a blessing, truly.

ELLA DING: It's truly amazing.

- Amazing, well, thank you so much for just joining me this morning or this afternoon, just chatting [INAUDIBLE] Congratulations again. It's always great chatting with you.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Thank you so much, Lochlin.

ELLA DING: Yes, you too, Lochlin. So good to chat with you. Thank you for chatting with us.

- Everyone that is tuning in, I mean, listen to the first episode. It's out now. Subscribe, like, comment, do all of the things, and yeah, thank you guys just so much for chatting.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone that's listened. Make sure you go and listen. We would love to hear your thoughts on the podcast as well.

ELLA DING: And leave reviews as well, yeah, definitely.

DOMENICA CALARCO: DM us. We're going-- tonight, we're going to lay in bed and like--

ELLA DING: Reply to everyone. We'll get there.

- Amazing, and maybe we'll have a successful TikTok live in the future. We'll see.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yes, I'm sure there'll be one in the future, yes.

- Amazing, bye, guys. Have a great day.

ELLA DING: All right, bye, Lochlin.


- Bye.


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