MAFS Australia stars stun on TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet

Stars of Australia’s Married At First Sight including Domenica Calarco, Ella Ding and Selina Chhaur, stunned on the TV WEEK Logies red carpet.

Video transcript

- Tell me all about this look.

ELLA DING: Oglio Loro couture. It's very ad of me. I'm usually like, I dress trackies. I'm all about the casual vibes. But my mom was like, Ella, if you're go to the Logies, it could be your only time. So go big. Wear something amazing. I was like, OK. Here I am.

- How does it feel just being here as well? Obviously, there's been a two year break. Everyone's hyped up, but it's your very first Logies. What is that like?

ELLA DING: It's very overwhelming. There's so many celebrities and faces that I have grown up watching on TV. And it's just-- I'm really just trying to stop and smell the roses every sort of few steps. It's so surreal.

- Anyone you're dying to meet tonight as well? What's that like?

ELLA DING: Well, actually, I have always adored Sophie Monk. I love her. I think she is the best woman ever. And I actually saw her before the red carpet, said hi to her, absolute adore her. Hamish Blake, I mean, he's-- I've been a huge fan for him for years. I met him earlier as well. Oh, there's-- I mean, there's so many people, so many people. But also some that I wouldn't probably go chasing and saying hi. After a few drinks, maybe later.

- At the after party.

ELLA DING: Yeah, the after party, I'll go chase a few more.

- And we're celebrating Australian TV tonight, but has there been a favorite TV moment from the past year for you?

ELLA DING: Favorite TV moment apart from us? I'm going to be really honest. I actually don't watch-- I don't watch television.

- We can include MAFS. We can include a favorite MAFS moment.

ELLA DING: Favorite MAFS moment of season 9 was my wedding day. Yes, that was my favorite moment on reality today this year, my wedding day.

- I mean, your ex-husband is in the Gold Coast. Are there going to be any awkward reunions? Are we going to see anything like that? No meet ups?

ELLA DING: No, it would never be awkward if I saw Mitch. We're amicable, all is good. Yeah.

- Good vibes only?

ELLA DING: Yeah, good vibes only, famous last words.

SELINA CHHAUR: It's always surreal, but I'm so blessed to be here. And yeah, look at all these beautiful people!

- Well, I mean, what was the process like getting ready for today? How are you feeling?

SELINA CHHAUR: Well, the process was hectic, but we got here in the end.

- Yeah?


- Have you met any of your dream people tonight?


- Who have you met?

SELINA CHHAUR: Pia Muehlenbeck is my idol. I freaking love her. She's got a beautiful energy, and she's stunning. And I got to meet her. She interviewed me, and I was dying.

- What was the vibe getting ready for tonight as well?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, super chill, listening to a lot of Drake, just excited to be here. It's an incredible experience. I'm just so blessed and lucky.

- How crazy is it just being at the Logies? Obviously, everything that's gone on at the start of the year, everything's happened, but now we get to celebrate the show, celebrate TV. How do you feel?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Yes, just to celebrate MAFS and the incredible show that it was and how much fun that we had on it, it's amazing. I'm so excited to be here.

- Big question, but we're celebrating Australian TV tonight. Has there been an iconic TV moment for you from the past year that stands out to you as a favorite?

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh my God, I think-- I feel like MAFS in its entirety was whole iconic Australian TV moment. We had everything on there. And I think if that's not iconic, I don't know what is.

- The drama lives on. We need a reunion show now.

DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh, yeah. I mean, yeah. Hit us up, channel nine. But I mean, look, we're all doing our own thing now. And Ella and I have that podcast, which is number one on Spotify. That's something that we want to focus on. And that's all in the past now. We've moved on, onto bigger and better things.

BRENT VITIELLO: And it's so surreal. I mean, there's so many beautiful people. It's just an incredible experience.

AL PERKINS: I'm like a kid in a candy store.

BRENT VITIELLO: I don't know if you've heard this, he already did the worm down the red carpet.

- What was the process like getting ready, picking outfits, what was that like?

BRENT VITIELLO: The outfits we got done by a good friend of mine, [INAUDIBLE]. So we had them ready, suited, tailored, everything. But getting ready was kind of fun. There was a lot of TikToks and Insta reels, but we got there. It was fun.

AL PERKINS: Yeah, we like to dance when we get ready.


- Are there any expectations tonight as well? Anyone that you're dying to meet, anything that you have been told is going to happen, what's the vibe?

BRENT VITIELLO: Not really. Look, I'm happy to meet anyone and anyone that I've seen on TV. It's just-- it's a great experience to kind of meet everyone and get to know them, I guess.

AL PERKINS: Yeah, I just can't wait to meet so many famous people and get the [INAUDIBLE].

- And John's here, so you can have a little reunion.

BRENT VITIELLO: We already did. Yeah, we've seen John, had a little chat. It was good to see him again.

AL PERKINS: Yeah, and John, if you see this, can you please follow me back on Instagram?

BRENT VITIELLO: Yeah, he won't follow him.

- You posted it to him the other day. You tagged him and everything. What more can you do?

BRENT VITIELLO: And he saw it.

AL PERKINS: He didn't even like the photo.

- Well, we're celebrating Australian TV tonight. Has there been a favorite TV moment for you guys from the past year? We can include MAFS, but what stands out for you as a big moment?


BRENT VITIELLO: Honestly, I don't mean to sound conceited, but my final vows I think was my one. It was fun to watch.

AL PERKINS: Really great, final vows.

- Both of your ex-wives live in the Gold Coast. Are there going to be any reunions at all?

BRENT VITIELLO: No, look, I'd be more than happy to see Tamara and then say hi. I kind of hope we did. I was like, I'd run up to her and just give her a big hug. I really would. But no, I don't think we will.

AL PERKINS: There's no bad blood between our wives. And they from the Gold Coast, and I'd be happy to catch up with them if they reach out.

BRENT VITIELLO: Yeah, maybe invite them to the after party. Who knows?

- See what happens, maybe a little reunion. But, good gentleman answers there. That's great.

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