How the MAFS Australia cast felt about reuniting at Australian Fashion Week

At Australian Fashion Week, Yahoo Lifestyle got to speak with some of the cast of Married At First Sight Australia. Olivia Frazer, Tamara Djordjevic, Selin Mengu and Carolina Santos revealed what it was really like reuniting after the show, and what they wore to Fashion Week. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

- How does it feel being here at Fashion Week?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: It's so exciting being at Fashion Week. This is so much fun. There's so much color this year and the vibe. Yeah, it's just really good. I love it. It's my first Fashion Week, and I'm really enjoying it.

SELIN MENGU: It feels awesome. I'm like-- I'm getting ready to see what I have in my cupboard and to see what I can replicate here, so it's awesome.

CAROLINA SANTOS: So much fun. This is actually my first Fashion Week, so I'm-- yeah, super exciting.

OLIVIA FRAZER: God, it is absolutely surreal to be here. Like, I just-- I feel like I'm way too much of a layman to be here with these types of people with this sort of knowledge about fashion. And just, like, even a fashion show, it is a bit of a spectacle. And it's like, oh, my god, how did I get here? This is amazing.

- Tell me all about your outfit. What was the vibe going into today?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: Well, yesterday, I was like dark, sultry sort of vibe. And I thought today, after seeing, like, all the bright colors that I would, yeah, dress for Fashion Week like everybody else and go a bit brighter.

SELIN MENGU: I'm wearing Dion Lee. I just did an outfit change for the second show, so it's awesome. It's comfy, it's really flattering, and I love it.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Yes, the baggy, designer bag [INAUDIBLE]. It's a YSL. I'm also wearing Dion Lee and a Montfort fur jacket.

OLIVIA FRAZER: I can't afford anything by [? Kyla ?] yet, yet. The goal is. And I just wanted to do something black and lacy because I thought-- like, black and strappy, because that's the sort of vibe that I love of hers. Like, I looked at her old [INAUDIBLE] dress. And I was like, oh, my god, OK. I want to emulate something like that. So I am wearing Meshki, which is a bit more affordable for people like me. But yeah, I wanted to go with the same vibe.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: There's a lot of the "MAFS" cast here, a lot of us "MAFS" people. I think I've seen a few "Love Island" people as well. But yeah, it's been good. Yeah, it's lovely to see the-- everyone that lives in Sydney.

SELIN MENGU: It's going good. I mean, I love seeing them out and about and seeing what they've been up to. And all the drama happened. It's done. We're all adults, hopefully, most of us, that can move past that. So it's just all about moving on with our lives and having fun, so--

CAROLINA SANTOS: Look, it's so good to finally be able, like, just to have fun with your girlfriends and be able to talk about whatever you want to talk about. You don't have to talk about dramas or "MAFS" or-- it's just fun just to be able to be yourself and have fun with the girls, let your hair down.

OLIVIA FRAZER: I do. I speak to Tamara every day, so it's just like-- it's-- any time that I can see her in the flesh is just, like, ah, amazing, like, catching up with a breath of fresh air, like bestie. Carolina, same thing. Like, it's just awesome.

- How have you been feeling now that the show is all just wrapped, you can kind of set it in the past?

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: Yeah. Now, that the show is wrapped, I feel much better. Yeah, I can just sort of let people see me for who I really am, not the edited me on "MAFS." Yeah, the unedited version of me, which I think is a lot more fun.

SELIN MENGU: It's been amazing. Like, the best part of it is meeting new people. So people come up and, whatever, take the selfies, but it's just-- the interaction you get out of it and their perspective of on the show. So sometimes you may think, oh, my god, I came across as a [MUTED]. But they think, no, we like how you came across. So it's kind of like-- seeing that and hearing that, it's just really nice to just chat and meet people, and yeah

CAROLINA SANTOS: I think things are way more settled now, like just living life, really. Yeah.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: There's a lot of misconceptions, I think, about me, but, like, one of the major ones is that I'm stuck up or think that I'm better than anybody else. I definitely don't. I'm very down to Earth. And I think, like, if you follow me on Instagram or see my life, you'll see that that's-- yeah, that's the case.

- What's next for you as well? What's on the vision board?

SELIN MENGU: I have a few things pending, so I'm not sure yet. But I will say busy with my son. So, yeah, a little bit of a juggle and a balance, but I'm getting there.

TAMARA DJORDJEVIC: Next steps after "MAFS" are up to my manager. [LAUGHS] He's watching me. I'm not really quite sure. Yeah, there's a lot in the works. Yeah, a lot to get through. And I've got a lot of goals, but, yeah, I just-- nothing on paper just yet.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Working helps my business and, yeah, just some overseas trips with Daniel. And that's the plan for now.

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