'A magical relationship?': Messy mixed messages as MAFS bride confirms split

In what can only be described as an absolute mess of a season end this year, many Married at First Sight fans had their hearts set on Ivan and Aleks as the couple to emerge victorious from the wreckage.

Tragically, it seems it was not to be after a shattering confirmation was shared to Instagram yesterday, though the final word from the pair has left some viewers more confused than ever.

Aleks and Ivan initially shocked fans when they left the experiment, convinced their relationship had a better chance without the interference of the show’s experts, now they have shocked them again with what seems to be two very disjointed final statements from the duo.

Ivan and Aleks have split, despite a confusing set of mixed messages from the pair. Photo: instagram/ ivansarakula
Ivan and Aleks have split, despite a confusing set of mixed messages from the pair. Photo: Instagram/ ivansarakula

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening Aleks Markovic confirmed she and Ivan Sarakula had split for good in February, while Ivan seemed to continue to hint at the pair’s enduring love for one another in his own post last night.

“Ivan and I dated until February when the relationship ended,” Aleks wrote in an Instagram post.

“Our values, wants, needs and lifestyles didn’t align, and that’s ok.”

The 26-year-old asked fans to respect her privacy, saying some relationships ‘just don’t work out’.

“Please respect my privacy on the matter as just like anyone out in the “real” world, some relationships just don’t work out,” she wrote.

“My MAFS journey was one that I will never forget. I learnt so much about myself and what I truly want and need for myself and in a partner. I do not doubt that my soulmate is out there somewhere.”

Ivan describes ‘magical relationship’ no hint at split

The brief note from Aleks seemed to contradict Ivan’s own message dropped at the same time.

The 30-year-old described the pair’s relationship as ‘magical’ in what seemed to be a bizarre contradiction to his ‘wife’s’ message. All in all, he heavily hinted the pair were still together.

“Mine and Aleks’ relationship is a magical one that I’m sure everybody wants answers on and one I can only speak about in the highest light,” Ivan wrote alongside a montage of images of the pair.

Though he urged fans to ‘stay tuned’ for his ‘true message’ which he promised to share later, Ivan couldn’t have made his farewell note sound anymore loved up.

Aleks shared a very different message to Ivan. Photo: Instagram/aleks.markovic_
Aleks shared a very different message to Ivan. Photo: Instagram/aleks.markovic_

In one shocking line, Ivan seemed to suggest that he and Aleks were on remarkably different pages.

“[I] sincerely appreciate that we all have different opinions and ideas of what we went through,” he wrote.

“Our relationship is one that I pay a high level of respect and gratefulness towards.”

He also promised to ‘fill in’ some unspecified gaps in what promises to be a highly respectful discourse.

“I plan on filling in the gaps in due course of the most humble and pleasant nature,” he wrote.

Fans mixed responses amid contradicting messages

The two statements sparked vastly different responses from fans.

To Ivan, many shared congratulations mistakenly led to believe the pair were still together from his admittedly confusing post.

“Well done mate! Handled with class and wish you guys all the very best,” former MAFS star Cam merchant wrote.

“Best, most genuine couple,” co-star Poppy Jenkins wrote.

“May you always stay true to yourselves and as a couple,” another wrote.

To Aleks, the response was understandably different.


“Proud of you sis,” another wrote.

The confusing messages from both parties have made one thing clear, they are nowhere near on the same page.

At least one fans will be devastated, after leaving a heartbreaking message of hope on Ivan’s post.

“Sooo happy for you guys,” they wrote.