MAFS 2023: Carolina Santos ranks the season 10 couples

See what former Married At First Sight participants think of the 2023 pairs.

There are only a few weeks left in this year’s season of Married At First Sight and while some couples have started making plans for life outside of the experiment, others are falling apart just ahead of the finish line.

Each week Yahoo Lifestyle will speak with a former participant of the Channel Nine reality show to give us their power rankings of the 2023 couples and reveal who they think will or won’t make it to the end of the experiment.

MAFS' Lyndall and Cameron, Ollie and Tahnee, and Evelyn and Rupert on their wedding day.
Former MAFS stars have ranked the season 10 couples and revealed who they think will last. Photos: Channel Nine


She was known for her sassy and often savage remarks on season nine of MAFS, which means none of the 2023 participants is safe from Carolina Santos’ brutal commentary.

1. Melinda and Layton - Carolina recommends these two get some “proper counselling” and work on their communication so they can become “an amazing couple”.

2. Tahnee and Ollie - While she says they are “the cutest couple this season”, Carolina doesn’t rank them first because “it’s been a little bit boring to watch them” without any drama.

3. Lyndall and Cameron - Based on the recent dinner party, Carolina admits it’s hard to see this pair making their relationship work in the outside world.


4. Evelyn and Rupert - Carolina believes there is “zero chance” this marriage will work out as “they’re just milking it for air time”.

5. Alyssa and Duncan - Carolina says this couple isn’t a good match because Alyssa “isn’t ready for a relationship”, adding that she hopes Duncan is currently single.

6. Bronte and Harrison - Although Carolina believes this relationship is genuine, she thinks these two are “very toxic together”.

7. Claire and Jesse

8. Tayla and Hugo

9. Sandy and Dan

10. Janelle and Adam

11. Melissa and Josh

12. Caitlin and Shannon


Season nine groom Brent Vitiello wasn't afraid to share his opinions of the couples and whether they have any hope in the real world.

1. Tahnee and Ollie - Brent says he will “free of charge” become their couple counsellor if they don’t stay together because he loves them so much.

2. Evelyn and Rupert - While he’s not sure whether Rupert “will be able to handle Evelyn for a long period of time”, Brent has high hopes for this pair.

3. Melinda and Layton - Brent says he “genuinely” likes this couple and how they treat each other in the experiment.

4. Lyndall and Cameron - “I just see chinks in the armour and I’ve got a feeling it’s breaking away.”

5. Claire and Jesse - Brent wasn’t impressed with Jesse’s actions at the last dinner party.

6. Alyssa and Duncan - According to Brent, Alyssa needs to “pull it together” or she will lose Duncan.

7. Bronte and Harrison - Brent says it’s “obvious” that this relationship isn’t going to work out.

8. Tayla and Hugo - “Tayla knows no boundaries of ripping him apart.”

9. Sandy and Dan

10. Janelle and Adam

11. Melissa and Josh

12. Caitlin and Shannon


Jack Millar, one of the show's most beloved grooms, shared his rankings of the couples as they currently stand.

1. Tahnee and Ollie - For Jack, these two seem to “get along like a house on fire”.

2. Claire and Jesse - After a rocky couple of weeks, Jack says this couple “oddly get along” and believes they will “at least remain friends for a long time”.

3. Melinda and Layton - Jack hasn't seen enough of this couple to determine whether they'll go all the way in the experiment.

4. Evelyn and Rupert - “I just don’t know enough about this fella,” says Jack.

5. Alyssa and Duncan - Again, Jack doesn't think he's “seen enough of their relationship as a whole”.

6. Tayla and Hugo - “They started so strong... not really.”

7. Lyndall and Cameron - With all of the rumours and spoilers that have surrounded this couple, Jack doesn't think they'll last much longer.

8. Bronte and Harrison - Jack doesn't have high hopes that Bronte and Harrison will go the distance.

9. Sandy and Dan - Jack called this one, as the couple called it quits in last night's episode.

10. Janelle and Adam

11. Melissa and Josh

12. Caitlin and Shannon


One of the show's most outspoken brides Jessika Power didn't hold back with her thoughts on the new participants.

1. Lyndall and Cameron - Jessika says this couple is her “top pick” to make it all the way to the end of the experiment because of their obvious chemistry.

2. Tahnee and Ollie - She’s hopeful these two will be the next ‘Cam and Jules’ because “they seem really sweet”.

3. Claire and Jesse - “They seem playful and fun and I think they’re actually genuinely putting effort into the experiment and understanding that it's not going to be easy.”

4. Melinda and Layton - Jessika believes this couple has “really good communication” and they seem open to getting to know one another.

5. Alyssa and Duncan - Jessika predicts something might happen to this couple later on because we’re not seeing too much of them just yet.

6. Janelle and Adam - While she would love for these two to work, especially because she knows Janelle from when she lived in Perth, Jessika thinks they’re “total opposites”.

7. Sandy and Dan - Thanks to online spoilers, Jessika is fairly certain this couple won’t last.

8. Bronte and Harrison - Jessika is doubtful that either one of these participants went on the show to find love, adding that Harrison “has no respect for Bronte or the experiment”.

9. Melissa and Josh

10. Caitlin and Shannon


Al Perkins, the season nine groom known for his memorable dinner party shoey, shared his "controversial" opinions on the new couples.

1. Tahnee and Ollie - In the number one spot, Al thinks these two are "very cute together".

2. Claire and Jesse - Al is convinced that the connection these two had on their wedding day will see them through because "they're made for each other".

3. Lyndall and Cameron - He’s unsure whether the lifestyles of these two match up with Cameron "living in a tent out in the country".

4. Bronte and Harrison - Al thinks this couple has a chance to turn things around because "fighting makes people stronger".

5. Alyssa and Duncan - Al doesn’t know much about this pair but doesn’t think they’ll make it to the end of the experiment.

6. Melissa and Josh - He thinks these two are suited for each other because of their similar age but predicts they’ll "probably just leave soon".

7. Melinda and Layton - "I don’t know anything about them so that’s why I chose them."

8. Janelle and Adam - Al’s got "a gut feeling" that these two aren’t suited for each other.

9. Caitlin and Shannon - Al thinks Caitlin should "jump ship" after Shannon told her he's still in love with his ex.

10. Sandy and Dan - Although they're in the lowest position due to spoilers about Dan’s new girlfriend, Al hopes these two last.


She was a fan favourite bride on last year's season of MAFS, and now Selina Chhaur has revealed her honest thoughts on the season 10 pairs.

1. Tahnee and Ollie - This is Selina's "favourite couple" who she thinks will make "the cutest babies".

2. Lyndall and Cameron - While she loves this couple, Selina feels "nervous" because this is Cameron's first relationship ever.

3. Alyssa and Duncan - "SO CUTE", in Selina's words.

4. Caitlin and Shannon - These two had "a very strong start" in Selina's book.

5. Melinda and Layton - She saw similarities between these two and Tamara and Brent from season nine.

6. Janelle and Adam - Speaking from experience, Selina doesn't think Adam and Janelle will work because there's "too much of a cultural clash".

7. Bronte and Harrison - Things are looking "a bit dull at the moment" between these two for Selina.

8. Melissa and Josh - She feels like the show "might be a bit much" for Josh and doesn't think he can keep up.

9. Claire and Jesse - Selina thinks this couple has "too many differences to work through".

10. Sandy and Dan - Unfortunately, we already know this couple won't make it thanks to a number of spoilers, and Selina is "very disappointed in you Dan!".

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