MAFS editing fail 'spoils' Coco and Sam's commitment ceremony

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Fans of Married At First Sight were left livid on Sunday night when the result of one couple's tense commitment ceremony decision was spoiled in an editing fail.

With bride Coco Stedman and groom Sam Carraro's fate on the social experiment hanging in the balance, Channel Nine cut to an ad break before the pair revealed if they wanted to 'stay' or 'leave'.

Coco on Married At First Sight
An editing fail on MAFS has 'spoiled' Coco and Sam's commitment ceremony. Photo: Channel Nine.

But the show's ending was spectacularly ruined when a promo for the subsequent episode aired immediately after the cliffhanger showing bright and bubbly Coco in fine Coco form.

In the teaser clip, the Pilates studio owner bursts out of a car in high spirits sporting a skin-tight sheer bodysuit that hugs her gym-toned figure.

"Coco's back baby, and she's shining!" Coco declares as she strolls into the upcoming dinner party which is being touted as the 'greatest ever'.


Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

And sure enough, when the episode returned from the ad break, Coco revealed her decision to leave while her 'husband' Sam wanted to stay. As per the show's rules, that meant the couple had to stay for another week.

The slip up didn't go unnoticed by viewers, many of whom took to social media to share their outrage over the spoiler.

"Well obviously Coco doesn’t leave - well done promo spoilers," one fan tweeted.

"Great so Coco is staying. Thanks for the spoiler lol," added another.

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

Spoiler alert

It's not the first time an editing fail has thrown the show into chaos.

Earlier, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that, during the matchmaking scenes with the experts in the first few episodes, the images of the contestants they used were actually taken later on in the experiment.

This revelation unravelled the show's timeline as it suggested that the matchmaking scene was filmed after, not before, the couple's had met.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Channel Nine revealed that as fans suspected, the on-screen matchmaking we see is not in fact the real decision-making process at all.

"The matchmaking discussion between the experts is a much more detailed and lengthy process that takes place over many weeks.

"However, for the purposes of shooting, we film the on-camera match making scenes in one day after the couples have been matched and filming has commenced."

And who can forget the biggest slip up of the season so far which seemingly exposed groom Cameron Dunne as having cheated on his 'wife' Samantha Jayne? Oops indeed.

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