Actress Madeleine West sheds light on her nightmare wardrobe malfunction

Australian actress Madeleine West from Neighbours and Playing For Keeps
Australian actress Madeleine West. Photo: Instagram/madmadswest

Having been in show business for several years, Australian actress Madeleine West knows about the hiccups that can happen on the red carpet, even at the best of times.

The 39-year-old former Neighbours star has opened up about the wardrobe malfunctions she’s experienced during her time in the industry, and admits “nothing tests your mettle quite like a Code Red wardrobe malfunction”.

In an article she’s penned for 9Honey, Madeleine said nipplegate, spanxgate and knickergate are all too familiar terms to many women, and one particular experience at the 2014 TV Week Logie Awards is ingrained in her memory for so many reasons.

“The time I attended the Logies, blissfully unaware I was up the duff with twins,” she candidly confessed.

Madeleine West at the 2014 TV Week Logie Awards red carpet in a green dress while pregnant with twins
Madeleine at the 2014 TV Week Logie Awards. Photo: Getty

The Playing For Keeps star explained that she had no idea she was pregnant, and was wearing an absolutely fitted green gown that she was sewn into for Aussie TV’s night of nights.

Going to the bathroom throughout the evening was no easy feat “without a complicated pulley assembly and large jar of Vaseline” she explained, revealing she was tucked into bed by 9:15pm after wrestling her frock with a pair of nail clippers.

Madeleine is well-known for her role as Dee Bliss on Neighbours, but has most recently been a lead star on Channel Ten drama, Playing For Keeps.

She shares six children with celebrity chef Shannon Bennett.

Neighbours star Madeleine West at the 2005 Logie Awards in gold dress
The actress at the 2005 Logies in daring dress. Photo: Getty

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