Mackay wants explanation for lengthy added time

Malky Mackay insists lengthy spells of added time is having a negative physical impact on players, and the Ross County manager believes the process needs to be looked at.

“It is physical pressure more than anything," he said. "I think it’s a by-product of VAR and something that I don’t think has been thought through.

“You look at the amount of games we’ve got, the schedules we’ve got, especially at the top end and European end and international footballers involved in that as well, the amount of games they are playing.

“I genuinely don’t think that whether it’s IFAB (International Football Association Board) or whether it is more localised and it is Scotland we’re talking about, I’m not sure that we actually thought the whole process through.

"We are talking about a lot of minutes they’ve been added to games and the impact that’s having physically on players who are already probably playing at a faster pace than they ever have with the way that modern sports science has gone.

“Players have to be fit and strong to be playing at the top end, with the robust and frenetic nature of our league and now you are adding upwards of 10 minutes on.

“I remember we were 12 minutes at the end of the season in the second half at Motherwell which is quite phenomenal considering it’s 45 minutes.

“Seven on Saturday in the second half (against Celtic), so it something that’s going to have to be addressed.”