M&M's Is Ringing In The Holidays With A New Vanilla And White Chocolate Flavor

Box of Toasty Vanilla M&M's
Box of Toasty Vanilla M&M's - snackgator/Instagram

If you want seasonal flavors, you can count on the Mars company to unveil new candies destined to become timeless classics. The candy tycoon recently launched Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&M's — a delightful blend of white chocolate and vanilla flavors that promises to become the sweetest part of your holiday festivities. The new M&M's are showcasing their new colorful casings, referred to by the company as festive brown, white, and vanilla. The new packaging features the green M&M wearing a knitted cap and holding a cup of light-colored hot chocolate. It's a fitting design that also hints at how you can enhance your own hot chocolate this season.

On its website, Mars gives some creative examples of how you can experience its new M&M's lineup by recommending you "Add a dash of color to candy dishes for guests to enjoy at holiday parties. You can also use M&M's Holiday White Chocolate Candy in Christmas party goodie bags." The company also recommends adding them to some of your favorite desserts, like M&M chocolate chip cookies, or simply enjoying them while watching your favorite holiday movies. This new limited-edition seasonal variety of M&M's is likely to be a smash hit, so get them while you can.

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Other Great Seasonal M&M's Flavors

Bag of Campfire Smores M&M's
Bag of Campfire Smores M&M's - snackgator/Instagram

If you haven't yet tried them, Mars has also been crafting other M&M's flavors tailored for various seasons. For the fall, it unleashed its autumn-themed M&M's that highlight all the activities people enjoy around Halloween. Called Campfire Smores, these varieties are described on the company's website as the perfect treat to "transport you to a cozy campsite under a starry autumn sky." The treats' intention is for you to enjoy them while walking through pumpkin patches or anxiously popping them in your mouth while watching your favorite Halloween movies. The chocolate-, toasted marshmallow-, and vanilla-flavored candies are covered in white, black, and orange shells.

Another seasonal M&M's candy you might want to indulge in is its Holiday Mint Chocolate Christmas Candy. This variety is hitting shelves around the same time as the Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&M's, and it's also limited-edition, so if you want to try them, you'll have to pick them up soon. These holiday treats come in red, white and green shells that encapsulate a milk chocolate and peppermint center.

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