Lululemon employee calls out customers who ignore his greeting: ‘I’m human too’

A Lululemon employee has called out customers who ignore his greeting when they walk into the store, with the worker taking the opportunity to remind individuals that he is a “human too”.

In a video posted to TikTok by Corey Jones (@ccoreyjoness), it began with a text across the screen that read: “PSA to the people that shop retail (aka you, you, and you).”

He then began detailing some of his biggest pet peeves about working in retail, telling viewers: “So I just clocked out, and you want to know one thing that pisses retail workers off?

“I hate it when rude people come to my cash register, I say: ‘Hi, how are you?’ and all you do is [silent]. Like can you please say hello?”

Jones also explained his frustration with customers who interject when he’s in the middle of ringing up their items. “Also, don’t tell me how to do my job,” he continued.

“If I ring something up and it’s the wrong price, and I see it’s the wrong price, just give me a second. Give me a little minute to change the price. Don’t tell me what to do,” he continued.

He ended the video by letting viewers know that mistakes can happen, and it’s not worth taking it out on the employees. “And just remember, I’m human too, so if I make a mistake, just breathe. Like, inhale, exhale. I don’t mean to project on you guys but it’s just so hard here, I want to go home.”

The Lululemon employee clarified in the caption that he does love his job, but that doesn’t mean working in retail comes without its hardships. “Retail is so hard, and guests can be either really nice or really mean…no in between! Love my job though,” the caption read.

Since being posted on Monday (4 September), the TikTok has quickly become one of Jones’ most popular videos, gaining almost 7,000 views.

Some viewers took to the comments section to agree with Jones’ point, writing that they can’t comprehend ignoring someone to that degree. “Idk how people can ignore when someone is greeting them. That has always been weird to me,” one comment read.

Another agreed, pointing out the reaction they get from retail workers after responding to their greeting. “I’m always so sad when retail workers look shocked that I actually answer and treat them like human beings. What is wrong with people,” they wrote.

Other commenters who identified themselves as retail workers agreed with Jones and chimed in with their own experiences on the clock. “Or when they walk in and you are greeting them and they completely ignore you. Also definitely with the price changing, like we see it too, hold up!” one person wrote.

“IS MY DISCOUNT ON THERE???? …ma’am I haven’t even taken your number yet…” another comment read.

“Omg when you’re actively trying to fix a wrong price or something and they flip because you’re taking 30 seconds like babe I’m a 19-year-old girl can you calm down,” someone else commented.

One retail worker even came up with a possible solution to get customers to respond to their greeting. “I started just saying ‘hi how are you?’ really loudly after they ignore me the first time… like come on I’m a human too,” they commented.