Love Island's Grant back with secret ex-girlfriend

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During his time on Love Island, Grant Crapp attempted to shut down rumours of a having a ‘secret’  girlfriend on the outside, while things heated up with fellow contestant Tayla Dimir.

However just 12 days after Tayla and Grant took out the title as boyfriend and girlfriend, splitting the $50,000 prize money between them, Tayla announced the pair were calling it quits due to the rumours of Grant’s secret girlfriend being true

Grant Crapp won Love Island with girlfriend Tayla Dimir before the pair split 12 days later. Source: Instagram/Love Island Australia

It’s now been two weeks since he was begging Tayla to take him back, however, Grant has announced he is back with his mystery ex-girlfriend, Lucy Cartwright

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster for fans.

Speaking to NW, Grant revealed that he reached out to Lucy, upon returning to his family home in Canberra with “hopes to rekindle what [they] had before”.

“I was going into the Villa with an open heart and looking for love, but coming out and having everything fall apart makes me realise what I had before I went in there,” he said.

According to Lucy, the pair has always had a “really close friendship, but it was never anything serious,” and it wasn’t until Grant was on the show that she realised her feelings for him.

Grant Crapp and former flame Lucy Cartwright are looking to rekindle their relationship. Source: Facebook

Considering this, Lucy says she respected Grant’s decision to go on the dating show – where he intended to promote his business – and said she was never planning to interfere if he was to form a relationship.

Despite Tayla attempting to reach out to Lucy to clear the air, Lucy refused to respond saying she never wanted to get involved.

But after his public break-up with Tayla, Lucy was happy to hear from Grant and she had no hard feelings.

The pair is now taking each day as it comes and claims they still aren’t officially together, as Grant is still touring Australia, but by the sounds of it, it won’t be long before they are.

“I won’t lose contact with Lucy, I’ll be talking to her each day,” he says, “As for further down the track, who knows? We’re not in a relationship stage, so we’ll see what happens.”

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