Love Island winners Tayla and Grant spill on sex plans

Rebekah Scanlan
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Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir have just been crowned the winners of Love Island Australia. 

But despite falling in love on a dating show deemed “too racy” by some viewers, the young lovers have denied rumours they sealed the deal in the villa.

Talking to Be about winning the show and scooping $50,000, they revealed they definitely haven’t gone all the way — but that is about to change.

Grant and Tayla won Love Island tonight, taking home $50,000 between them. Source: Nine

“We never had sex in the villa,” Tayla said. “But obviously we had some alone time, that time in the hideaway which was really nice and romantic.”

“We’re so excited about coming home and are going to make the big move to Sydney together, and live together,” she continued. “There’s obviously a lot of things we can’t wait to do together for the first time.”

The pair have told Be they “didn’t have sex in the villa” but things are about to change now they’re away from the cameras. Source: Nine

The pair said they were able to resist their urges thanks to the knowledge their parents were watching back home in Australia.

“There were never any spots we could sneak away, not one place,” Tayla said. “There were times when you just wanted a passionate kiss, so we’d just chuck the doona over our heads.”

However Grant was quick to point out it was “a bit awkward though because everyone just assumes when you do that, you’re having sex,”.

The pair became an official item last week when Grant gave Tayla a commitment ring. Source: Nine

While Grant and Tayla weren’t getting frisky under the covers during their romantic stint in Spain, they admitted runners-up Erin and Eden were at it from the very start.

“It was on the second night,” the 22-year-old said. “We got to watch the whole thing, it was like watching a porno.”

While Grant and Tayla didn’t do the deed in the villa, they said Erin and Eden got it on from the very beginning. Source: Nine

“We’d be laying in the bedroom and you’d see the covers moving,” her electrician boyfriend added. “It was real funny.”

In fact, the steamy bedroom antics became so common among their rivals, they said “sleep became more important” than checking out what the others were up to.

Grant and Talya are now looking forward to being together in the outside world after winning $50,000. Source: Nine

But the loved-up pair did say they felt Erin’s reaction to Eden’s lie detector test this week was OTT.

“Every relationship is different and I guess that is just what their relationship was based off, a bit of the crazy screaming side of things,” Tayla confessed. “But that reaction was definitely, slightly over the top.”

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