Reality star reveals ‘horrendous’ hair loss after giving birth

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A reality star has revealed the effect her pregnancy has on her hair, revealing clumps of her locks began to fall out in the shower.

Love Island UK 2017 contestant, Tyla Carr, took to her Instagram to share her ‘horrendous’ hair loss journey with her 424,000 followers, saying it made her ‘feel a bit sick’.

Before giving birth to her baby son, Archie, in January, Tyla said she had long luscious locks but post-pregnancy, and in the wake of her split from her boyfriend, the 25-year-old did everything she could to keep her strands looking thick and strong.

In an ad for hair growth capsules Hair Gain, Tayla said that since stopping breastfeeding her son, she’s shed a lot of hair,

“ I was told that my hair would shed but I didn’t think it would be this much. I first properly noticed it when I was in the shower putting conditioner through my hair and I remember pulling my hands out and it just kept coming and coming out and it made me feel a bit sick,” she said in a video.

“ After that it started coming out all the time and I had to get the hoover out every day because there were hairs all over the white kitchen floor.

“I’d brush my hair once or twice and huge clumps of hair would come out and it’s really worrying.

Tyla reveals he hair started to fall out after she gave birth to her baby son, Archie. Photo: Instagram/Tyla Carr
She first noticed it in the shower, when she was putting conditioner in her hair. Photo: Instagram/Tyla Carr

I take a lot of pride in my hair so for it to start falling out like this was really scary and I wanted to post about this to see who else might have suffered from this and just to see what can be done about it. “

According to Healthline, hormones are ‘the biggest reason for your pregnancy hair changes and postpartum hair loss’.

The website states that during pregnancy, women’s hair loss decreases due to high levels of estrogen.

“So after your baby arrives and your hormone levels drop, your hair makes up for lost time by falling out in much bigger clumps than it normally does,” it states.

“The total volume of your hair loss probably isn’t more than you would have lost over the last nine months, it just seems like it because it’s happening all at once.”

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