Love Island star’s plastic surgery nightmare

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Love Island contestant Mac is known for her trademark curves.

But the reality TV star has revealed that the $6,000 surgery she underwent two years ago to enhance her chest was a nightmare.

In a video from 2016, the 22-year-old discussed her “implant horror” story, saying things went wrong because her operation was “rushed”.

Love Island’s Mac had surgery back in 2016 to boost her A cup breasts (L) to double D’s (R). Source: Instagram/EdynMackney

“I got there in the morning and him [the surgeon] and the nurse, they seemed like they were really rushing it,” she said.

Then the Gold Coast native described waking up from the procedure as someone was trying to sit her up.

The 22-year-old told her YouTube followers that the surgery was “the worst” because everything was “rushed”. Source: YouTube/EdynMackney

She immediately felt stressed as she hadn’t had time to “recover and rest” before the hospital staff got her then boyfriend Jake to discharge her.

At the time she said she “couldn’t even feel her legs” and that the whole ordeal was “the worst”.

“I remember getting put into the car and he’s trying to ask me questions,” Mac explained. “But I just couldn’t say anything, I was just staring out the window while fading in and out of consciousness and just crying.”

Despite her ordeal, she’s now happy with her breasts. Source: Instagram/EdenMackney

Despite the awful experience, Mac insisted the pain was worth it as she’s delighted with her boosted breasts that have gone from an A cup to a DD.

“I love them now, they feel amazing,” she concluded.

She certainly looks happy with her body on Love Island as she’s regularly seen rocking a bikini by the pool.

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