Love Island star breaks silence on white powder scandal: 'Truly sorry'

Cassidy McGill has issued a lengthy apology regarding the incident.

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Former Love Island star Cassidy McGill has been forced to issue an apology after she was seen with a plate of white powder last week. The Aussie star addressed her Instagram story from Wednesday night, where she shared a snap with the plate on her knee.

In the photo, the 27-year-old was seen smiling with a friend, with her eyes closed and the caption reading: “Ooops, see you tomorrow”. A bag of the mysterious white substance was seen on the plate, along with two visible lines.

L: Love Island star Cassidy McGill smiling in a bikini top. R: Cassidy McGill and a plate of white powder
Former Love Island star Cassidy McGill has apologised for her white powder incident. Photo: Instagram/cattcity

The influencer quickly deleted the photo after it was uploaded, but it had already been circulated online by numerous fans.

Hoping to smooth things over and maintain relationships with the brands she endorses, she apologised with a lengthy statement on Instagram.


“Hi guys. This past week I’ve been taking time to reflect on my actions. I made a mistake, which I do not take lightly. This behaviour is out of character and I am truly sorry to have let you all down,” she began. “I am sorry to my friends, family, my team and the brands I represent.

“I hope over time I can earn your trust and respect back. Thank you to those who have reached out. Love Cass.”

L: Cassidy McGill in a black bikini holding a Bondi Sans product. R: Cassidy McGill's Instagram story of a beach with an apology written on top
The influencer has brand deals with a range of different companies. Photo: Instagram/cattcity

The reality TV star's apology was deemed ‘insincere’ by some fans, with one saying she was only ‘sorry she got caught’.

“Why do these people always pretend it’s an isolated incident?” one person asked.

“Does anyone have the link to download the influencer apology template? I just feel like it might come in handy one day,” another added.

“The only thing they’re sorry for is getting caught. Hopefully this highlights that the ones who preach about living the ‘healthy’ lifestyle, always almost certainly aren’t,” a fourth pointed out.


Others defended Cassidy, saying that she didn’t need to apologise for anything.

“I’m struggling to see the issue? She’s a young woman in her prime time having fun with her friends?” asked a fan.

“But why does it matter what she does in her spare time?” a second wrote.

“Respectfully, who f**king cares. This is the last s**t that deserves an ‘apology’. She isn’t hurting anyone,” another commented.

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