Love Island slammed for 'condoning' domestic violence

Rebekah Scanlan
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Love Island has angered fans after it showed footage of an argument between Erin and Eden last night, with some viewers now accusing the show of “condoning” domestic violence.

Contestants had been completing lie detector tests, when Erin became angry at the result of her boyfriend’s answers.

The 22-year-old completely lost her cool when Eden revealed he found Millie attractive, storming out of the living room and into the garden.

Erin completely saw red when Eden admitted to fancying fellow contestant Millie in a lie detector test. Source: Nine

But it was her comments about what she wanted to do to her man that have outraged viewers, after declaring she was “going to get a knife, and stab him”.

Thousands of people watching the show took to Twitter to air their concerns over the footage, calling out Channel Nine for airing this kind of aggressive behaviour.

Eden had taken part in a lie detector test where he was asked tricky questions as Erin watched on from another room. Source: Nine

While their argument quickly cooled down, their explosive fight wasn’t missed by the fellow contestants.

She stormed outside where she threatened to “grab a knife and stab him” leaving fans furious. Source: Nine

Tayla described their relationship as “toxic” while Millie appeared so shocked from the outburst, she was comforted by her love interest Mark.

“Erin, the way that she kicked off when Eden said he found me attractive, whatever dude. Everyone’s attractive,” she said after.

Millie’s partner Mark had to comfort her as the whole scene blew up around them. Source: Nine

It’s not the first time fans have been left upset by the dramatic goings on in the Spanish villa, with viewers calling a fight Eden had with Grant last month “disgraceful”.

Nine declined to comment when Be contacted them.

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