Love Island's Gabby Allen 'baffled' as bikini snap removed

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·2-min read

A reality star and fitness influencer has hit out at social media giant Instagram after the platform removed a photo she posted this week as it breached nudity guidelines.

Former Love Island star Gabby Allen decided to show off her toned figure in a black bikini and says she is ‘baffled’ the photo was taken down as she as ‘no boobs’.

gabby allen bikini photo
Gabby's photo has been removed twice. Photo: Instagram

“I literally have 0 boobs, I train & work so hard, compared to some of the stuff I see on Instagram I am baffled as to how this was reported,” the personal trainer shared with her fans after reposting the photo.

“I shouldn’t be penalised for showing my physique as a PT.”

However, it seems even the second attempt at posting the photo has been removed by the social media platform, but not before it gained over 70K likes.

“This shows total dedication and hard work, focus and total commitment,” one person commented on the photo before it was taken down.

While another shared the star’s outrage: “How does this get reported yet I see women in tiny underwear all the time or even wearing nothing showing off their curves and bodies and no one bats an eyelid.”

gabby allen fitness instagram
The fitness influencer regularly shares workouts and bikini snaps with her followers. Photo: Instagram

Gabby is not the first influencer to have photos removed for breaching guidelines.

Last year, Gina Stewart - who is also known as the ‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ - also hit out at Instagram after a saucy photo was deleted.

The photo, which saw the 48-year-old Gold Coast resident posing topless, was taken down for violating “community guidelines”.

But she’s asked why other similar photos are allowed to remain online, accusing the photo-sharing site of ageism.

“Am I being targeted because I’m a Grandma? Is it ageism? How come it’s women who are mostly targeted,” she wrote in a subsequent post, re-sharing the photo for her nearly 5k followers.

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